Our restoration work is State of the Art…and State of the Lost Art. 

With over a century of combined bench experience, a collection of tools ranging from 19th century hand tools to modern implements, and a deep understanding of how antique jewelry was made, the restoration department at Maloy’s brings an exceptional level of sensitivity, knowledge, and respect to each project. Whether you walk in with your piece, or ship it to us from across the country, you will find a level of service almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Technology to the rescue

Maloy’s can restore many works to nearly new condition.

In addition to keeping the dying art of hand fabrication alive with vintage tools, Maloy’s is using new technologies like lasers to weld delicate platinum filigree without using solder. Often times, one of our jewelers will use tools spanning two centuries on a single project. Whether you need a simple ring sizing or more extensive work because you ran your ring over with the car, Maloy’s will do our best to save the day.

Can we repair everything?

Sadly not, but we pride ourselves on honestly letting you know the limitations, as well as giving you reasonable expectations of what your jewelry is capable of enduring once restored. Remember that antique jewelry exists today because someone took care of it in the past. We know you love your jewelry and always want it with you, but don’t expect an Edwardian filigree ring to hold up to rock climbing. You wouldn’t take your grandma bungee jumping (we hope).

Come in for an estimate

Bring in your piece for a free repair or restoration estimate…our restoration experts will see if we can bring it back to life.

“I was in tears when I realized what the gym equipment had done to my grandmothers ring. I am still in shock that you were able to rebuild the entire destroyed section. Like time travel, or finding that magic “do over button” Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
S.B., Portland