Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop first opened its doors in 1986. The tiny original storefront, two doors down the street from our current location, was barely big enough for one jewelers bench, a few trays of vintage pieces, and a single case of exceptional jewelry, handmade by our founder, Shan Maloy.

Mastering the craft of jewelry making

Our Founder, Rose Festival Court, ca. 1959

Shan first started making jewelry in high school, and quickly realized he had discovered his calling. He worked in sweatshops and mall stores, learning the basics and saving up some money for travel. Then it was off to Australia, where he continued to hone his craft. There he met an early mentor, who introduced him to old world European fabrication techniques that were not often taught in the United States. Shan’s skills and appreciation for the craft just exploded.

He realized it was time to come home to Portland and take a chance on opening his own workshop. He found the tiny space, painted his name on the front, and got started. He took on custom work, repair work, and restoration work. All the while, his reputation for technical mastery and a straightforward, no nonsense business approach was spreading. And so, the business grew.

Yes, we have lasers

The beauty and technique evident in the vintage pieces informed Shan’s developing aesthetic, and soon, Maloy’s moved to a larger space, seamlessly blending sales of antique pieces, restoration of other people’s heirlooms, and designing and building beautiful custom jewels. Today, our bench jewelers use state of the art laser welders, and also hand tools that are over 100 years old… often on the same piece of jewelry. The goal has always been to offer distinctive pieces that would be handed down from generation to generation.

A friendly staff, ready to serve you

Maloy’s staff now features 8 craftspeople, designers, and gemologists. We feel incredibly privileged to work with these beautiful sparkling treasures every day. Each staff member is passionate about jewelry, and passionate about doing business in the upfront, kind, and respectful way Shan believed in when he first opened.

We value your business and thank you for letting us be part of your jewelry story.