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We are proud to have extremely talented and experienced craftspeople who blend the best old world skills with the most modern technologies to bring your vision to life.

Shan Maloy

Shan, our founder, trained in both the US and Australia. He has picked up myriad techniques and tricks over a long and varied career of over 35 years. Shan’s designs are often fluid and organic, but also often inspired by beautiful historical pieces. Shan also is a master at utilizing fragments of antique pieces and combining them with exquisitely detailed elements he makes himself to create marvelous pieces that sometimes combine parts spanning 200 years.

Shan is also an inspired cook, who truly loves and appreciates the natural bounty of the northwest and combining those ingredients in sensitive and innovative ways… Really, quite a strong parallel.

Margaret Halvorson

A familiar friendly face to many long time clients, Margaret has been here at Maloy’s for 15 wonderful years. Sure, she is our earring guru and master finisher, but she also does some of our custom work, especially wax carvings that call for a high degree of naturalistic rendering.

Margaret majored in sculpture and pottery in college, but after a few art fairs, realized that jewelry was so much easier to carry, that she shifted her focus.

Margaret carved a gold crocodile card holder for a professional poker player, and created an art Nouveau floral ring that held a singular large pearl in its petals.

Margaret’s lifelong appreciation of artistic expression began while flinging pudding at her identical twin sister Mary. She has since matured into working in pastels, watercolor, and digital media in addition to metal.

Nicole Raubenheimer

Nicole likes to point out that it was horror writer Stephen King that brought her to jewelry making. While reflecting on how childhood personalities predicted the future paths of characters in one of his books, Nicole took to musing on what her “kid path” would point to… and it was jewelry. Nicole started with beadwork and never looked back. She moved on to an apprenticeship and then struck out on her own, and for the first time, she looked forward to going to work every morning. After moving to Portland and meeting her husband (also a jeweler), Nicole joined Maloy’s in 2011.

Always a cheerful presence, Nicole brings meticulous attention all her projects, which span everything from simple repairs to carefully conceived wedding bands to delicate earrings designed to showcase mineral specimens. Her custom work often blends strong architectural forms with more organic materials and textures, creating a beautiful balance between the polished and the rustic. She really enjoys the personal connection of creating a piece with a specific client’s personality to guide her.

Lam Nguyen

We call Lam our “metal whisperer” because he seems to be able to make platinum and gold do almost anything with ease. Lam started his jewelry studies back in Vietnam, when his father noticed he was good with his hands and agreed to send him to jewelry school as a teenager. This was a break with tradition, since many generations of Lam’s family had been woodworkers. He has now been a jeweler here in the states for over 21 years, creating dazzling projects that artfully combine technical precision and meticulous detail.

Lam enjoys approaching each new project as an exciting puzzle to solve. He relishes the satisfaction of a job well done and then is eager to move onto the next interesting piece. He loves the wide variety of techniques used in antique jewelry, but is not very sentimental about individual pieces… he mostly just enjoys the flow of the process, the feel of the metal moving in his hands…as he whispers to it.

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