What’s New

More weather than we would like

A beautiful, delicate snow is falling in downtown right now, melting as it lands on clear roads and sidewalks. The jewelry is sparkling in the cases looking wonderful! That said, the forecast looks dicey for the afternoon. If things take a turn for the worse, we might be closing early, so please call, or check our Facebook page for updates.

Breathe and Change

With the new year, a deep breath and a renewed focus. Lots of people are clearing out the old, repairing and reimagining things that aren’t working for them any more. Our work box is full of custom projects- unloved jewelry on the cusp of reinvention into something new and fresh and beloved. We would be delighted to help you redesign some of your own pieces to better suit the person you are now. Just bring in your pieces and your ideas and we can refresh your jewelry. No appointment necessary.


Now is the moment! Lots of charming, easy to wear pendants, playful, glittering earrings, and of course, a beautiful and wide-ranging selection of breathtaking engagement rings. All hitting the sales floor just in time for holiday shopping. Keep an eye on our website for SO MANY new arrivals! We are tucking goodies into every nook and cranny of our cases… (including our newly stocked wall cases of silver). Come find something uniquely wonderful.

Vegas, baby!

We recently returned from one of our biggest buying trips of the year, in the wilds of Las Vegas. Our newest old treasures are now hitting the sales floor, all restored and ready for their new homes. Now is an EXCELLENT time to stop in to get first pick of all the new arrivals, which will start going up on the website soon.

Maloy’s will be closed on Tues., May 23rd

Due to a power outage that affected much of downtown Portland, Maloy’s will be closed on Tuesday, May 23rd and will re-open on Wednesday, May 24th. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

A new year

Things of value are worth protecting. As we all focus on appreciating and preserving the things we most cherish, we want to put in a word for your jewelry too. Bring in family treasures that are getting too frail to withstand the rigors of wear, and let us provide a bit of well deserved restoration work on them so they can survive into the next generation.
All of our own antique jewelry has already been fully restored, so it is fortified to go forward into the future.
We wish everyone a peaceful new year, filled with sharing and receiving love.

A new service- “Time Machine”

We are delighted to offer a new service here at Maloy’s. We call it “Time Machine”. If you have a fragile treasure that is too far gone to durably repair, a visit to our Time Machine might be just the right thing. Time Machine is a historically accurate jewelry rebuilding service, with all work done by hand, right on site. Using our extensive understanding of antique jewelry, we can rebuild your piece. We will recreate the lost detail and structure, using the original stones, but fresh new metal. Gone will be the old damage, decades of wear, and vintage solder repair. The result will be a hand made recreation of your ring, looking as beautiful and sturdy as when great grandma first slipped it on her hand 100 years ago.

You can learn more about this process, and view a gallery of recent projects over in the services section of this website. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to wear a cherished heirloom with confidence again.

Jewelry Box Spring Cleaning!

Ah, the sense of satisfaction to be had by a good spring cleaning session! All is light and lovely and useful once again.

The same process can work magic in your jewelry box. If looking into your jewelry box does not inspire you, perhaps it is time to make some changes. Spread everything out and take a good look at it, then start making some piles…

Pile #1, the beloved but bedraggled- Bring these items into Maloy’s for cleaning and inspection. A few minutes of complimentary “spa” will work wonders. We will then check for weak links, loose stones, worn prongs, and all those things that can lead to bigger problems down the road. If those problems have already occurred, we can likely fix that too, replacing missing stones, rebuilding damaged filigree, rebuilding a worn shank.

Pile #2, the just plain wrong- This is where the broken gold chains, single earrings, awkward 80’s necklaces, crushed bangle bracelets, and even those creepy gold teeth in a pill bottle from your aunt go. Let’s turn this pile into money to sponsor some of your other projects.

Pile #3, the not quite there- Perfectly lovely little diamonds… set in a corporate lapel pin from your great uncle. The awkward ring you never wear that has a beautiful sapphire in it. The beautiful antique earring you lost the mate to. Grandma’s tiny ladies diamond watch with the face too small to read… This is the fun pile! Let us help you think creatively about these things, we can turn them into your new favorites. How about a pair of dangly diamond earrings made by harvesting the sides of grandma’s watch? Or a redesigned ring with that sapphire and the lapel pin diamonds? The single earring, carefully converted to your new favorite pendant. We can truly work wonders with the things you already own.

Party Time!

Our beloved Nina is celebrating a milestone birthday today (11/12). Stop by the store to wish her well, and enjoy a bit of bubbly and a treat while we celebrate!

New Arrival!

As so many clients witnessed the progression of our Nina’s pregnancy, we are happy to announce the arrival of Nina and Josh’s darling son Wesley on June 12th. All are healthy, happy, and looking forward to summer (and beyond). Nina wants to thank everyone for their warm wishes. She hopes to be back in the shop, part time, later in the summer.