Hello, old friend

R&J had been shopping for an antique engagement ring, and discovered that they liked the Art Deco “panel top” style. R found a vintage ring mounting she liked, and sent a quick photo to her mom, who responded “oh, I have a ring mounting like that around here someplace”.
Sure enough, there was a family ring, but it had seen better days. Over the years, not only the center stone, but all the tiny accent diamonds had been removed. R&J brought it in to us, and quickly found a beautiful antique champagne color diamond for the center. We also restored all the tiny accent diamonds, and the ring was once again dazzling.
The best part though? Showing the restored ring to her grandmother. It had belonged to HER mother, (R’s great grandma), and she still remembered her mom wearing it.
Exactly the kind of jewelry story we are so honored to be a part of!

Heads up!

With July Fourth falling on a Tuesday this year, we will be open Sat.7/1, but CLOSED SUNDAY, MONDAY, & TUESDAY, 7/2-4. Enjoy the fireworks!

Kind words…

We blushed at the kindness of this note from JR-
“Thanks for the detailed response! You went above and beyond the call of duty to give me such a thorough answer; I always appreciate having all the info so that I can figure out my next steps. I can’t imagine going with anyone but Maloy’s — our wedding rings are such a perfect incarnation of our ideas, and that’s what I want for this ring. I’m not going to trust this to anyone else.”

Vegas, baby!

We recently returned from one of our biggest buying trips of the year, in the wilds of Las Vegas. Our newest old treasures are now hitting the sales floor, all restored and ready for their new homes. Now is an EXCELLENT time to stop in to get first pick of all the new arrivals, which will start going up on the website soon.

Parade (CLOSED)

We just found out that the route for the Grand Floral Parade has changed this year, but we will still be CLOSED THIS SATURDAY 6/10. (The route change caught us by surprise. We still assumed it went right in front of our door, so all our staff made vacation plans!) Sorry for any inconvenience, hope to see you soon

Summer Begins!

After such a harsh winter, we are ready for summer! We will be OPEN Saturday 5/27, but then CLOSED Sunday (as always) and CLOSED MONDAY 5/29 for Memorial Day. Enjoy the sunshine, see you Tuesday!

Maloy’s will be closed on Tues., May 23rd

Due to a power outage that affected much of downtown Portland, Maloy’s will be closed on Tuesday, May 23rd and will re-open on Wednesday, May 24th. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Kind words via our website-

MH writes- “Yes, I’m the wacky lady that burst into tears the day I finally made it to Maloy’s after months of longing for the lovely art deco cocktail ring, “Silk Embroidery.” I had no idea I’d be so overcome with the purchase of the first diamond ring I’ve ever owned…but I was. Thank you so much for your kindness and excellent service that day. “Silk Embroidery” and I are having a lovely time together!”

Our Ned gets noticed!

A special shout out to Arielle at Mocha Delight on Barbur Blvd! Our Ned went there with his favorite human this morning, and Arielle recognized him JUST from our website and Facebook page! So glad she spoke up, Ned feels quite famous now. We look forward to Arielle actually visiting the shop soon.

“Just you wait”

We recently did a fair bit of restoration on a lovely Art Deco ring. The story behind the ring was so good we asked to share it. For generations, this ring has been passed from mother to daughter at the 21st birthday. Tragically, during a vacation in Spain, the ring slipped of a ledge into the sink, and down the drain! The hotel immediately called a plumber, but alas, the ring had slid past the trap, and was truly lost. All parties concerned felt horrible at the loss of such a sentimental heirloom.
Flash forward five full years to a phone call… from Spain. The hotel was undergoing a major restoration, including extensive re plumbing work. A worker discovered the ring deep in the pipes and turned it in. Someone in management remembered the story, tracked down the guests, and made a very happy call. ┬áThe the ring was returned, and after a bit of fine grooming and TLC, was ready to be admired again. Let’s all sing together now!- “Re-frain, in Spain, from pla-cing rings near the dra-in!”