Hello, old friend

R&J had been shopping for an antique engagement ring, and discovered that they liked the Art Deco “panel top” style. R found a vintage ring mounting she liked, and sent a quick photo to her mom, who responded “oh, I have a ring mounting like that around here someplace”.
Sure enough, there was a family ring, but it had seen better days. Over the years, not only the center stone, but all the tiny accent diamonds had been removed. R&J brought it in to us, and quickly found a beautiful antique champagne color diamond for the center. We also restored all the tiny accent diamonds, and the ring was once again dazzling.
The best part though? Showing the restored ring to her grandmother. It had belonged to HER mother, (R’s great grandma), and she still remembered her mom wearing it.
Exactly the kind of jewelry story we are so honored to be a part of!

A new year

Things of value are worth protecting. As we all focus on appreciating and preserving the things we most cherish, we want to put in a word for your jewelry too. Bring in family treasures that are getting too frail to withstand the rigors of wear, and let us provide a bit of well deserved restoration work on them so they can survive into the next generation.
All of our own antique jewelry has already been fully restored, so it is fortified to go forward into the future.
We wish everyone a peaceful new year, filled with sharing and receiving love.

Fifth Generation

MW came into the shop today, bearing two tiny Victorian rings set with turquoise and pearls. We looked at them and determined that they probably dated from around 1880. M thought for a moment, and told us she was impressed with our dating skills. She shared that these precious little children’s rings had belonged to her grandmother, who was born in 1873. M had worn them as a child, but they had been left sitting in a drawer for many years until now. She brought them in for cleaning and a minor repair, and then she will be sending them to her young twin grand daughters, aged 7. These lucky young ladies will have the excitement of getting to wear the rings only for special occasions, just like their great-great grandmother did, over 125 years ago. We are continually honored to be able to participate in some small way with your jewelry stories, and thank MW for sharing hers.

Jewelry Box Spring Cleaning!

Ah, the sense of satisfaction to be had by a good spring cleaning session! All is light and lovely and useful once again.

The same process can work magic in your jewelry box. If looking into your jewelry box does not inspire you, perhaps it is time to make some changes. Spread everything out and take a good look at it, then start making some piles…

Pile #1, the beloved but bedraggled- Bring these items into Maloy’s for cleaning and inspection. A few minutes of complimentary “spa” will work wonders. We will then check for weak links, loose stones, worn prongs, and all those things that can lead to bigger problems down the road. If those problems have already occurred, we can likely fix that too, replacing missing stones, rebuilding damaged filigree, rebuilding a worn shank.

Pile #2, the just plain wrong- This is where the broken gold chains, single earrings, awkward 80’s necklaces, crushed bangle bracelets, and even those creepy gold teeth in a pill bottle from your aunt go. Let’s turn this pile into money to sponsor some of your other projects.

Pile #3, the not quite there- Perfectly lovely little diamonds… set in a corporate lapel pin from your great uncle. The awkward ring you never wear that has a beautiful sapphire in it. The beautiful antique earring you lost the mate to. Grandma’s tiny ladies diamond watch with the face too small to read… This is the fun pile! Let us help you think creatively about these things, we can turn them into your new favorites. How about a pair of dangly diamond earrings made by harvesting the sides of grandma’s watch? Or a redesigned ring with that sapphire and the lapel pin diamonds? The single earring, carefully converted to your new favorite pendant. We can truly work wonders with the things you already own.

Timing is Everything

Suddenly, here we are, with Thanksgiving practically upon us! Please don’t tell, but LOTS of people in love are planning to propose over Thanksgiving this year, when families are gathered. (Shhh, it’s a secret)

Now that things are starting to get busy, we want to remind you to please allow enough time for any custom or repair work you want ready for the holidays. No time like to present to bring in projects you’d like to wear to those holiday parties!

an odd time to play dress up

We recently purchased a ring that needs a great deal of restoration. The under gallery was cracked and sharp in several places, the stone was loose, and the shank was far from round. The gentleman who sold it told us an unusual tale… He inherited the ring from his grandmother, N, who had inherited it from her aunt, (who never wore it). For some reason, N decided that she would only wear this rather lovely diamond ring while… wait for it…housecleaning! Yes, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, and all the other activities that we basically counsel people NOT to wear their jewelry through. No, the seller had no idea why she made this odd choice. Perhaps she hated housecleaning so much that she wanted to add some sparkle to the drudgery.

Fortunately, we will be able to repair the cracks, polish the chips out of the diamond, and restore the ring for a new generation. We hope the eventual new owner of this beautiful Edwardian ring takes it off during heavy housework, looking instead to shiny chrome fixtures for sparkle while cleaning.

As 2013 draws to a close…

Before we close on this Christmas Eve (to reopen on Dec. 30th), we want to thank all of our wonderful clients… those who discover new heirlooms here, those who entrust us with family pieces to repair, those who visit to appreciate beautiful antique jewels, or even just stop in to pet our shop dog Ned.  We also want to thank those of you who live far away and just visit us online.  We are so flattered and delighted when people come in for the first time, and already know some of our rings by name.  We are honored every day to have the privilege of helping people celebrate and renew via metal, mineral, craftsmanship and design. Thank you.

The Case of the Canine Caper

J.G. recently came in and shared a remarkable story of perseverance and luck.

Every night, she takes off her wedding rings and leaves them on her nightstand. One morning she awoke to find they were not where they belonged. She checked all the likely spots to no avail, and then noticed her wedding band on the floor next to the nightstand. That pointed to just one suspect, the culprit could only be Wrigley, the family dog. Since she was rushing out the door to work, she quickly put her kids on the job of hunting for it. With a $5 reward at stake, the kids were very motivated. When she still hadn’t gotten good news by lunchtime, another thought occurred to J. What if Wrigley had actually swallowed the ring? A panicked call to the babysitter… had Wrigley been walked? Yes. Productive? Twice, in bags, into the trash, which had been picked up… uh oh.

Another anxious call, this time to the husband… is the ring insured? Then a desperate last idea. J. called the vet, and brought Wrigley in for a quick x-ray… alas, no luck.

At the end of the day, J found herself sobbing on the phone with her mom. Her beloved engagement ring seemed lost forever. While her mother tried to soothe her, a long shaft of late afternoon sun shone through the window. It shot across the living room floor and landed directly on something shiny deep under the coffee table. Yes, it was the ring. Wrigley had chewed on it pretty hard, mauling one of the prongs before deciding to spit it out, but there was still much rejoicing. J.G. brought it in to us and we were able to fully restore it.

Needless to say, the rings are now kept well out of the reach of the jewel thief pooch.

Barb S. of Portland writes…

Thank you for restoring my ring by adding gold to secure the stones again after 20 years of wear. The work you did was undetectable – it looks brand new! You worked magic!… The jeweler who sold it to me offered his solution: rebuild it from scratch (make a new ring), “it won’t look the same” – for $2400!! But I wanted it to look the same – and you did it for 5% of his proposed cost. Thank you so much!”
Not all repair stories have such economical and happy endings, but we will do our best.  Clearly our newest bench jeweler, Nicole, knocked it out of the park on this one!

a few of our favorite holiday moments at the shop…

1) Multiple instances of dads coming in with kids to help pick out gifts for moms. Input ranging from “that necklace is as pretty as mommy” from a 6 year old to “Mom would want a bigger one” from a 14 year old.

2) Re creating L’s mother’s wedding set from the only surviving part – the damaged head and diamond. Working with only her memories and a few remaining clues, we were able to rebuild the long lost rings for her.

3) Our favorite – an “in house” proposal! R and B had chosen a ring together, and were in to make their final lay away payment. When we asked B why she wasn’t putting the ring on, she answered “because he hasn’t actually proposed yet”. R got down on one knee and said “in front of these two lovely ladies… and this dog – You are the girl of my dreams, will you be my wife?”

Really, we love working here. Thanks to all our clients for another great year of letting us be part of your jewelry stories