Nice idea

Breathe and Change

With the new year, a deep breath and a renewed focus. Lots of people are clearing out the old, repairing and reimagining things that aren’t working for them any more. Our work box is full of custom projects- unloved jewelry on the cusp of reinvention into something new and fresh and beloved. We would be delighted to help you redesign some of your own pieces to better suit the person you are now. Just bring in your pieces and your ideas and we can refresh your jewelry. No appointment necessary.


Now is the moment! Lots of charming, easy to wear pendants, playful, glittering earrings, and of course, a beautiful and wide-ranging selection of breathtaking engagement rings. All hitting the sales floor just in time for holiday shopping. Keep an eye on our website for SO MANY new arrivals! We are tucking goodies into every nook and cranny of our cases… (including our newly stocked wall cases of silver). Come find something uniquely wonderful.

Some Random Monday

Lots of people come up with elaborate proposal plans. Videotaped dance routines, international surprise travel, and public pronouncements can all make a big impression, but we are firm believers in the “Random Monday” approach recently taken by M.C.-

Any day you propose becomes special and magical, so there is great virtue in making an otherwise ordinary day into a celebratory one. After picking out a stunning Edwardian filigree ring with a large antique cushion cut diamond, MC decided that there was no time like the present. Rather than waiting for a “special occasion, he decided to make one. Since he and his sweetheart NN go for a long walk every Monday night, he suggested they walk in Portland’s tranquil and lovely Japanese Garden, and just like that, a random Monday became a monumentally happy one. Congratulations MC & NN, we wish you many years of daily celebrations!

Hello, old friend

R&J had been shopping for an antique engagement ring, and discovered that they liked the Art Deco “panel top” style. R found a vintage ring mounting she liked, and sent a quick photo to her mom, who responded “oh, I have a ring mounting like that around here someplace”.
Sure enough, there was a family ring, but it had seen better days. Over the years, not only the center stone, but all the tiny accent diamonds had been removed. R&J brought it in to us, and quickly found a beautiful antique champagne color diamond for the center. We also restored all the tiny accent diamonds, and the ring was once again dazzling.
The best part though? Showing the restored ring to her grandmother. It had belonged to HER mother, (R’s great grandma), and she still remembered her mom wearing it.
Exactly the kind of jewelry story we are so honored to be a part of!

Great great great

MB brought in a lovely antique diamond, and also a pretty antique platinum mounting. He asked us to set the stone into the mounting for his beloved ECB. Then he shared the stories of both components-
The diamond was picked up by his great, great, great grandfather, during a sailing race. As he rounded the horn, he stopped in South America and purchased the stone in a gold mounting. He then went on to win the race.
On the other side, ECB’s great, great grandmother had a platinum and diamond ring. The ring was passed down through the generations, and at some point, the stone was removed and re set in a new mounting.
This left a diamond in a worn out gold setting, and a platinum mounting that had no diamond. Of course his family’s stone fit perfectly into her family’s mounting, and thus, many generations on both sides made their contribution to the cause of new love!

Kind words

A lovely hand written note arrived from RM today- “I cannot thank you and the gang at Maloy’s enough for the splendid job you did with E’s white jade ring. It’s better than ever, and she loves it.”

Now more than ever, taking the time to share some kind words and show appreciation feels so important. We want to say thank you to all of our clients, for entrusting us with your special pieces. We do our best to treat them, and you, with TLC

Fifth Generation

MW came into the shop today, bearing two tiny Victorian rings set with turquoise and pearls. We looked at them and determined that they probably dated from around 1880. M thought for a moment, and told us she was impressed with our dating skills. She shared that these precious little children’s rings had belonged to her grandmother, who was born in 1873. M had worn them as a child, but they had been left sitting in a drawer for many years until now. She brought them in for cleaning and a minor repair, and then she will be sending them to her young twin grand daughters, aged 7. These lucky young ladies will have the excitement of getting to wear the rings only for special occasions, just like their great-great grandmother did, over 125 years ago. We are continually honored to be able to participate in some small way with your jewelry stories, and thank MW for sharing hers.


KE came in recently to discuss re-setting the emerald from a sentimental ring. The stone is especially precious to her, because it was a high school graduation present from her grandmother. Grandma FB wanted a special gift for K , but funds were tight, so F did what she did best. She baked. Hundreds of banana breads, and one huge bake sale later, she had enough money to purchase an emerald for K.

What makes this story even sweeter is that K is a now a professional baker herself, running a non-profit that brings fresh healthy baked goods to young people. Thank you K, for sharing your story and your baking!

Two to tango

S.C. Was born on the 2nd of July. As a child, much to his delight, he was given a $2 bill on his birthday. It became a bit of a tradition, and even as an adult, all of S’s friends knew that he collected $2  bills. He even got a tattoo of a $2 on his forearm. Somewhere along the line, he decided he should earmark this stash for something special, so he decided that one day, when he met the right person, he would put it toward an engagement ring. Enter the beguiling BF. The right person for sure. SC picked out a beautiful simple antique diamond ring, and then the big moment came. He pulled a thick stack of $2 bills from his jacket and set them on the counter. There were hundreds of them, collected over many years. He shared the story, and we were all happy that the bills were finally fulfilling their destiny. We wish many joyful years to SC and BF, and thank them for letting Maloy’s be part of this completely charming and delightful tale!

And the “Couple of the Day Award” goes to…

DW &GM! They came in today looking for an engagement ring, and both were completely charming and sweet. She told us that he was the guy she didn’t think existed, and when she spotted a heart detail on a ring she was considering, and mentioned she didn’t want a heart, he came back with “You don’t need to have a heart, because you already have mine”… Awww…

They eventually settled on a platinum Art Deco panel top mounting that is the perfect shape and scale for her hand, and we are setting a dreamy pale green sapphire into the center of it. We wish these delightful lovebirds many happy years together!