Great great great

MB brought in a lovely antique diamond, and also a pretty antique platinum mounting. He asked us to set the stone into the mounting for his beloved ECB. Then he shared the stories of both components-
The diamond was picked up by his great, great, great grandfather, during a sailing race. As he rounded the horn, he stopped in South America and purchased the stone in a gold mounting. He then went on to win the race.
On the other side, ECB’s great, great grandmother had a platinum and diamond ring. The ring was passed down through the generations, and at some point, the stone was removed and re set in a new mounting.
This left a diamond in a worn out gold setting, and a platinum mounting that had no diamond. Of course his family’s stone fit perfectly into her family’s mounting, and thus, many generations on both sides made their contribution to the cause of new love!

Lost and Found

We have heard some great stories during our 30 years in business. Today, we share some of the crazy places clients actually found jewelry or stones they thought they had lost forever. While this is a humorous list, it’s only funny till it happens to you. please remember to have your rings checked, stones tightened, and size adjusted as needed!

—Diamond stud earring in the fallen autumn leaves of Irvington, while jogging
—Heirloom diamond watch in a sidewalk crack downtown after retracing steps
—Loose engagement diamond in the bottom of a bin of onions at a Fred Meyer
—Ring, in the driveway, after running over it twice (once backing out, and once pulling back in to look for the dropped ring)
—Loose engagement diamond on a tennis court, the following day
—Loose sapphire in a pile of floor sweepings at a Safeway (after a psychic friend gave her a tip)
—Favorite earring tucked behind a cutting board in the kitchen, but only after going through the garbage- twice.
And finally,
—Diamond ring in the cuff of the pants she had worn all day while searching tearfully for the ring

And the “Couple of the Day Award” goes to…

DW &GM! They came in today looking for an engagement ring, and both were completely charming and sweet. She told us that he was the guy she didn’t think existed, and when she spotted a heart detail on a ring she was considering, and mentioned she didn’t want a heart, he came back with “You don’t need to have a heart, because you already have mine”… Awww…

They eventually settled on a platinum Art Deco panel top mounting that is the perfect shape and scale for her hand, and we are setting a dreamy pale green sapphire into the center of it. We wish these delightful lovebirds many happy years together!

The Discovery

NS is a local historian, currently working on a book about the Montavilla neighborhood. She and her beloved, DS, were doing research in Lone Fir Cemetery recently, searching for the grave of a Montavilla founder. Just as twilight approached, they came upon the site. As N was taking notes, D looked down and said “what’s this?”. N watched as he rooted around in the grass and picked up a small box. Intrigued, N came closer to look. Even in the fading light, she could see there was a ring inside, warm gold and silver with a purple gem, and she was concerned they had found someone’s precious jewelry. D got down on his knee, and N figured he was going to grab a flashlight out of his bag, so they could get a better view in the gloaming, but instead, he proposed! (Of course, D had secretly planted the ring earlier in the day).

For love of a ruby

During courtship, E gazed lovingly at K and said “I wouldn’t trade you for ANYTHING”. K cheekily replied “Well, I wouldn’t trade YOU for anything either… except maybe a ruby”. It was at that moment they knew they had to find the perfect ruby, so K would never be tempted to trade E in. The wedding is next week, but they still hadn’t found the perfect ruby ring, until they stopped in today to pick up E’s band. K spotted a glowing ruby, diamond and platinum solitaire in the window, and realized this may be the one. They had given up on finding anything before the wedding, so they were thrilled not only to find the ring, but to learn that we could have it sized for them in just an hour. Thanks E and K, for sharing your story. We wouldn’t trade it for anything!

An item of enduring value

Our good friend C was in with her beloved J today. Turns out it was time to shop for a special ring. C found the perfect ring surprisingly quickly, (it was even already the perfect size for her hand). Because both C and J knew it was the right ring from the moment C put it on, the entire thing happened really fast. Such an important, symbolic, and romantic purchase happening so quickly was a bit overwhelming for C, who, between giggles and happy tears blurted out “Oh wow!, I finally own something more valuable than my retainer!”. Congratulations J, you have found a very special person in C, and we wish you many happy years enjoying her dry humor and incomparable style.

Love from afar

CB and PS recently came into Maloy’s shopping for an antique engagement ring. They live in Portland, but had not discovered us till very recently. How did they find out about us, you might ask? (or not, but we did). Well, CB was talking to a friend in IRELAND, who had already found us online, and was a fan! She steered CB and PS our way from almost halfway across the globe! We are amazed and thrilled that technology has made it possible to discover treasures on such a scale.

Fear Not!

Several people have arrived at the shop recently, confessing that they felt a moment of panic upon seeing a papered over window in the middle of our block. Fear not! We are here for you, (and have absolutely no plans to move) We are just happily witnessing the expansion of our good neighbor Momo’s Bar, into the vacant space next door. Try them sometime for a nice gin and tonic and a jovial trivia night.

A Proposal Tale

MP had a plan. He and his beloved JS were going to attend a charity benefit in Seattle. Several of their friends would be there, everyone would be beautifully dressed, and it would be a festive weekend away. What a perfect time to celebrate! They needed to grab a bite before all the cocktails, so, they picked up some takeout and M suggested they sit in J’s favorite park, which was on the way to the benefit. J was wondering why M wasn’t eating, and was just smiling at her instead. After a moment he said “J, you look beautiful tonight”. “Thanks”, J replied, wondering why M was being so odd, instead of eating his dumplings. M continued… “There is just one thing that could make you look even better” to which J replied (this is the part we love)… “What, my red lipstick? It’s in the car”. M then stood up, and asked J to stand too. He took the ring (a lovely deco number from Maloy’s), out of his pocket. After a moment, a friend appeared, bearing a bottle of champagne. M and J both figured they had a good reason to be a little late to the benefit.

sometimes it’s easy

M’s engagement ring is a delightful Art Deco 2 tone beauty with angular detail, so when M and B came in looking for wedding bands for him, they were immediately drawn to an unusual 2 tone Deco men’s band that had sculptural angular detail as well. They both loved the design, so B tried it on. It was a perfect fit. Then they looked inside, to discover vintage engraving from the original owner. It was engraved “Wild Ride”, and was signed with love from…”M”. Perfect design, perfect fit, and then perfect engraving calling from the past? They had clearly found B’s band. Done and done. It’s always lovely when the universe just puts the perfect ring right in your path.