Kind words…

We blushed at the kindness of this note from JR-
“Thanks for the detailed response! You went above and beyond the call of duty to give me such a thorough answer; I always appreciate having all the info so that I can figure out my next steps. I can’t imagine going with anyone but Maloy’s — our wedding rings are such a perfect incarnation of our ideas, and that’s what I want for this ring. I’m not going to trust this to anyone else.”

Another love letter

Thank you, C.H. for this note letting us know what a hit your custom ring was-

“The ring was so stunning that I simply could not wait for my trip to share it with her. She is stunned with how perfect and gorgeous the ring turned out. I wanted to share with you her excitement and joy and thank you again for helping me create the perfect ring. I will more than definitely send everyone I know your way.”

All in the family

B. was ready to pop the question. He came into Maloy’s looking for the perfect ring. He discovered an antique Edwardian platinum and diamond panel top design that he knew his beloved would adore, and purchased it.
The following week, R. came into the shop with his own beloved, he had also popped the question, and they came in to design the perfect custom ring together- a hand fabricated piece with a yellow sapphire surrounded by antique diamonds.
When B. decided to share the happy news of his engagement with his brother, he discovered that his brother- R., had ALSO proposed, and they had both, unbeknownst to the other, chosen Maloy’s, and within a week of each other! Different approaches, different rings, same family.
B. and R. have now both proclaimed us to be their official “family jeweler”, and we are honored!

making it last

J.F and her beloved knew they wanted a symbol of their relationship, so together they picked out a ring she adored, a stylized Art Deco style dome ring encrusted with tiny gems. Now, being that they were starving students at the time, the ring was made of silver, and the gems were glittering but fragile marcasites (a relative of iron pyrite popular during the 1920’s). Flash forward , and here we are 10 happy years later. J. felt ready for a diamond ring, but loved the style of her marcasite one so much that she was struggling to find anything that could compare. Then it dawned on her… what she really wanted was her same beloved ring, but made from more durable and precious materials. Well, our bench jewelers were happy to oblige, hand fabricating an exact copy of her silver and marcasite ring in platinum and tiny glittering diamonds. It was immediately familiar and comfortable on her hand, but with some extra sparkle, and J couldn’t be happier. I guess it goes to show that sometimes the thing you search for is something you already posses in a slightly different form.

Now greener!

Well, we always have green in mind, using recycled gold, restoring antiques to extend their useful lives, and re fashioning old pieces, but over the holiday break, we also got a bit of a facelift, in the form of new carpeting, in a lovely shade of deep soft green! Come visit and tell us what you think!


J.B. and M.D.R. are avid cyclists. J, being all artistic, came up with a lovely pattern they call “infinity bike chain”. They used the pattern on all their wedding stationery and also had us hand engrave it on their wedding bands. The endless pattern evokes continuity and interconnectedness. Further developing the theme, J. wanted to incorporate her grandmother’s rings, and came up with a novel way to do it. We are lightly tacking them together, slightly offset, with the laser. J. will then weave a chain through the openings, and close the circle of the chain, woven through the circles of the past, around her neck on the wedding day. What a lovely way to express so many “cycles”

A fun custom project

When C. of Portland was a child, he loved the shiny gold and shimmery texture of the foil wrapped around Almond Roca candy. He would fold it up into a wide strip and wrap it around his finger to “make a ring”. Fast forward about 30 years. C. is now getting ready to wear a wedding band, and Maloy’s is getting ready to make it for him. Yup, we will be replicating the shape and texture (including the words) of a candy wrapper ring in real gold. How sweet!

Update- when I mentioned this custom job to Cameron, our staff gemologist, she confessed that she used to make rings out of the same candy wrappers, but she twisted the ends on top, to make “a stone”

Client Testimonial

Hi Shan,

I just wanted to thank-you again for the beautiful work you did on my ring. I love it and can’t stop looking at it! When P. and I first started looking for a ring I wasn’t sure if I would find anything that I really liked. But as soon as we came into your store everything just fell into place. First, we didn’t feel uncomfortable as we had in some other stores. The environment you have created is warm and inviting yet also elegant. Then, your easy going and genuine manner helped us relax a bit. It was really a pleasure talking to you and hearing your ideas on things. I didn’t know what I was looking for when we walked in, but when you described what you would do to my great-great aunt’s ring- I knew that was exactly what I wanted. It meant a lot to me to be able to keep the one family ring that I liked, but in a more beautiful form. Our daughter J. is also delighted with it (do you remember you told her you were actually making it for her?) P. just says he’s happy if I’m happy and I am very happy- so there you have it.

We look forward to seeing you again.

~Vanessa S.