customer service

Kind words…

We blushed at the kindness of this note from JR-
“Thanks for the detailed response! You went above and beyond the call of duty to give me such a thorough answer; I always appreciate having all the info so that I can figure out my next steps. I can’t imagine going with anyone but Maloy’s — our wedding rings are such a perfect incarnation of our ideas, and that’s what I want for this ring. I’m not going to trust this to anyone else.”

Kind words via our website-

MH writes- “Yes, I’m the wacky lady that burst into tears the day I finally made it to Maloy’s after months of longing for the lovely art deco cocktail ring, “Silk Embroidery.” I had no idea I’d be so overcome with the purchase of the first diamond ring I’ve ever owned…but I was. Thank you so much for your kindness and excellent service that day. “Silk Embroidery” and I are having a lovely time together!”

Another love letter

Thank you, C.H. for this note letting us know what a hit your custom ring was-

“The ring was so stunning that I simply could not wait for my trip to share it with her. She is stunned with how perfect and gorgeous the ring turned out. I wanted to share with you her excitement and joy and thank you again for helping me create the perfect ring. I will more than definitely send everyone I know your way.”

Quality Time

Summer plans contribute so much to the quality of life. The siren song of family visits, travel, and recreation calls so sweetly. Our staff of bench jewelers hears that song too, so please take note and allow extra time for custom jobs over the summer, when our jewelers take turns heading off to smell the roses. Some more complex jobs may take 6 or more weeks during the summer, so please plan early, and then head out to smell the roses yourself!

Kind words

Not every jewelry story is born of happy circumstances. Here at Maloy’s we really do our best to offer sage advice during difficult times, so we especially appreciated this recent note from R.-
“Thank you Eve. This whole thing has been very painful and you made this part of it more bearable. Your tenderness and compassion is beautiful. When the opportunity presents itself you can be sure I will come to you guys first. “

Super Rush

NW and SLD let things slip, and wound up leaving some things for the last minute. When they came into Maloy’s at 4:35pm on a Friday, they were desperately shopping for a wedding band . The wedding was at 5:00pm the very next day, a two hour drive away. Yup, they were leaving town in less than 24 hours.
SLD is a size 13, an uncommonly large finger size, and after running around downtown Portland all day, they couldn’t find anyone with a band that size, or even close, in stock.
We love a good challenge, and this time, we got to be the HEROES! We found some heavy silver stock in the workshop, and custom fabricated a silver band for them by the end of the day, in just 45 minutes!
Special thanks to our bench jeweler Nicole for being such a rock star… anything for love! We wish the happy couple all the best at tomorrow’s wedding, and into the future!