a proposal tale

Some Random Monday

Lots of people come up with elaborate proposal plans. Videotaped dance routines, international surprise travel, and public pronouncements can all make a big impression, but we are firm believers in the “Random Monday” approach recently taken by M.C.-

Any day you propose becomes special and magical, so there is great virtue in making an otherwise ordinary day into a celebratory one. After picking out a stunning Edwardian filigree ring with a large antique cushion cut diamond, MC decided that there was no time like the present. Rather than waiting for a “special occasion, he decided to make one. Since he and his sweetheart NN go for a long walk every Monday night, he suggested they walk in Portland’s tranquil and lovely Japanese Garden, and just like that, a random Monday became a monumentally happy one. Congratulations MC & NN, we wish you many years of daily celebrations!

Two to tango

S.C. Was born on the 2nd of July. As a child, much to his delight, he was given a $2 bill on his birthday. It became a bit of a tradition, and even as an adult, all of S’s friends knew that he collected $2  bills. He even got a tattoo of a $2 on his forearm. Somewhere along the line, he decided he should earmark this stash for something special, so he decided that one day, when he met the right person, he would put it toward an engagement ring. Enter the beguiling BF. The right person for sure. SC picked out a beautiful simple antique diamond ring, and then the big moment came. He pulled a thick stack of $2 bills from his jacket and set them on the counter. There were hundreds of them, collected over many years. He shared the story, and we were all happy that the bills were finally fulfilling their destiny. We wish many joyful years to SC and BF, and thank them for letting Maloy’s be part of this completely charming and delightful tale!

The Discovery

NS is a local historian, currently working on a book about the Montavilla neighborhood. She and her beloved, DS, were doing research in Lone Fir Cemetery recently, searching for the grave of a Montavilla founder. Just as twilight approached, they came upon the site. As N was taking notes, D looked down and said “what’s this?”. N watched as he rooted around in the grass and picked up a small box. Intrigued, N came closer to look. Even in the fading light, she could see there was a ring inside, warm gold and silver with a purple gem, and she was concerned they had found someone’s precious jewelry. D got down on his knee, and N figured he was going to grab a flashlight out of his bag, so they could get a better view in the gloaming, but instead, he proposed! (Of course, D had secretly planted the ring earlier in the day).

The arrow (finally) finds its mark

J.E. came into Maloy’s about two years ago, after a ring on our website caught his eye. The ring featured tiny sculpted cupids on each side, each of them drawing back a bow to shoot their little arrows of love. We had named the ring “The Archer”. Just recently, He came in again, finally ready to have the ring sized. It turns out that when he came in and bought the perfect ring? He had not yet even met the perfect girl! But J.E. is an archer himself, and he knew that any girl that would love him, would love the archer ring too.

So now, two years later, JE has found KAW, and it is true… She loves BOTH of her Archers!

A Proposal Tale

MP had a plan. He and his beloved JS were going to attend a charity benefit in Seattle. Several of their friends would be there, everyone would be beautifully dressed, and it would be a festive weekend away. What a perfect time to celebrate! They needed to grab a bite before all the cocktails, so, they picked up some takeout and M suggested they sit in J’s favorite park, which was on the way to the benefit. J was wondering why M wasn’t eating, and was just smiling at her instead. After a moment he said “J, you look beautiful tonight”. “Thanks”, J replied, wondering why M was being so odd, instead of eating his dumplings. M continued… “There is just one thing that could make you look even better” to which J replied (this is the part we love)… “What, my red lipstick? It’s in the car”. M then stood up, and asked J to stand too. He took the ring (a lovely deco number from Maloy’s), out of his pocket. After a moment, a friend appeared, bearing a bottle of champagne. M and J both figured they had a good reason to be a little late to the benefit.

A Proposal Tale

KD was poking around online looking at vintage rings when she fell deeply in love with our “Ice Palace”, a unique turn of the century confection of platinum and rose cut diamonds. She called to her sweetie SL and said “ooh, look at this fabulous ring, I LOVE it!”. SL acted all indifferent, but was carefully peering over her shoulder noting the name and location of the ring. The very next day, he came into Maloy’s and bought it.

When KD eventually noticed that the ring had been marked as “sold”, she was crestfallen. She called the shop and asked us to please give her a call if anything similar came in. She was so smitten in fact, that she also asked us to work up a quote to custom build a copy of Ice Palace. Of course, all the while, we knew she would eventually be getting the original item!

We at Maloy’s are good at keeping secrets though, and a good thing too, because it was many months before the perfect moment arrived and SL popped the question. KD was so happy, that she wasn’t even paying attention to the ring, until SL said, hey, you know, that’s “Ice Palace”. After screaming, and focusing, KD couldn’t believe how beautiful the ring was, after all, she had never actually seen it in person before. He slipped it on her finger, and it fit perfectly.

A Proposal Tale

G. is one of our talented bench jewelers. He is also both romantic AND practical. When he decided it was time to ask his beloved, N. to marry him, He made a ring for her, and then he made a second, and a third. His thought was , that if she hesitated, he could pull out a second ring and ask, “how about now?” and if needed ,he could even follow up with… “or now?”. The first ring was lush 18K yellow gold with a sapphire, and N. knew right away that her answer was yes…but of course she wanted to see the other rings too. Now N is the delighted owner of 3 handmade tokens of love.

So sweet it’s Spooky!

RK was ready to propose to her beloved, JC. JC was also ready to propose to her beloved, RK. They both, unbeknownst to the other, planned to pop the question on a one year anniversary trip to the pumpkin patch. While strolling through the field looking for their perfect pumpkin, JC mentioned to RK that she had already found her “perfect pumpkin”. Not missing a beat, RK got down on one knee, pulled a ring from her pocket, and asked JC to marry her. Not to be outdone, JC pulled a tiny pumpkin out of her own pocket. Written across the pumpkin were the quickly scrawled words ” only if you marry me”. There was a ring for RK on the stem.

By now, they were both crying in the pumpkin patch. The wedding is planned for March. Congratulations ladies.

Getting the week off to good start

TA was ready to ask for DB’s hand, but he felt that she was onto him, and he really wanted her to be truly surprised when the moment came.  He is a morning person, she, not so much.  And so, a plan was born.  He figured out the most unexpected time to propose… 6am on a Monday morning!  Bleary eyed over her coffee, she can’t even remember exactly how she responded, but she is sure that  “yes” was in there someplace!

An Especially Special Proposal Tale

When N.S. and J.W. went on their first real date (after being friends for almost 3 years), everyone knew right away that this was something special. They danced and cooked and laughed together, and they both positively glowed. When J. was ready to pop the question, he knew he would have his work cut out for him choosing the ring, because N. worked in a fine antique jewelry shop, and had excellent taste. One day, an unusual ring arrived at Maloy’s, and it caught N’s eye. She casually mentioned its interesting design to J, and he immediately contacted us to put the ring on “super secret” layaway.

Have you figured it out yet? Yes, this is the engagement tale of our very own beloved Nina!

Now, getting the ring off the sales floor without Nina noticing would be impossible, so we did the next best thing. We “sold” it to someone else (an old friend who was in on the plan), Right In Front of Nina! Her face clouded over as she realized this special ring would never be hers, and she went home a little mopey that night. Fortunately, Josh did not keep her waiting long. Within a week he picked up the ring, double boxed it (to camouflage the contents) and presented it to her after a romantic dinner out. At first glance, she thought the large box must contain earrings, but when she saw the smaller box nestled inside, she “got tunnel vision” and gasped in surprise. Seeing “her” ring inside took her breath away, but when Josh asked her “will you marry me?”, she easily managed to answer “of course!”

Congratulations Josh, great girl you have there! We wish you and Nina all the best!