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More weather than we would like

A beautiful, delicate snow is falling in downtown right now, melting as it lands on clear roads and sidewalks. The jewelry is sparkling in the cases looking wonderful! That said, the forecast looks dicey for the afternoon. If things take a turn for the worse, we might be closing early, so please call, or check our Facebook page for updates.

Kind words from a client

“Jen, I am SO grateful to you for going that extra step for me! I will continue to make referrals to your business, as I have in the past. It is just this type of careful consideration that engenders the loyalty that makes you successful. Once again, THANK YOU. Hoping to see you sooner than later. ”
-N.E., Portland

we wish…

An unusual ring just arrived at Maloy’s. It is a familiar style- a gold buckle motif band, but rendered in such thick and luxurious proportions that we know it must have been worn by an exceptionally strong and interesting woman. You know what we wish? We wish that the jewelry could talk. We want to hear the stories of past admirers. We want to hear about the adventures this buckle ring had. We want to hear about the parties our late Georgian period garnet earrings went to. We want to know what the bride wore with our Edwardian “Snow Queen” engagement ring. The connection to past lives lived is so very compelling, we wish we could have more of the details. We love letting our minds drift and imagine those parties and adventures, but come on jewels… can’t you at least whisper?

Breathe and Change

With the new year, a deep breath and a renewed focus. Lots of people are clearing out the old, repairing and reimagining things that aren’t working for them any more. Our work box is full of custom projects- unloved jewelry on the cusp of reinvention into something new and fresh and beloved. We would be delighted to help you redesign some of your own pieces to better suit the person you are now. Just bring in your pieces and your ideas and we can refresh your jewelry. No appointment necessary.

Holiday Hours

We are busily shipping things all over the country, and happy to help you get just the right piece for someone special in the nick of time. Please give a call, even if you can’t make it downtown to see us in person! We are HERE FOR YOU!

That said…

– We will be Closed Sunday 12/24, Monday 12/25 and Tuesday 12/26.
-We will reopen for our regular hours Wednesday 12/27 through Saturday 12/30
– We will be Closed Sunday 12/31 and Monday, 1/1/18

We wish everyone a holiday filled with friendship, warmth, and love.



Now is the moment! Lots of charming, easy to wear pendants, playful, glittering earrings, and of course, a beautiful and wide-ranging selection of breathtaking engagement rings. All hitting the sales floor just in time for holiday shopping. Keep an eye on our website for SO MANY new arrivals! We are tucking goodies into every nook and cranny of our cases… (including our newly stocked wall cases of silver). Come find something uniquely wonderful.


The Maloy’s Family wishes you all a lovely Thanksgiving. We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving day, but open the rest of the week, including Friday and Saturday, as usual. Have a lovely celebration with family and friends!

Change of the Seasons

We mark the change of seasons through the lovely trees on our downtown block. The crimson leaves that swirl into the shop on the wind, and then the twinkling lights that are strung up as the days grow shorter. Thoughts turn to festive, cozy things… Holiday engagements, glittering little pendants under the tree, parties. Come see us if any of your heirlooms need some spiffing up before the season gets hectic. We are here with a lovely array of romantic sparkly things!

Random Monday- Important Update

Before reading this post, please read “Some Random Monday”, our last blog entry (below). Today, MC brought NN into Maloy’s to get the size of the ring adjusted. They shared this next part of the story-

Even though MC had planned to propose on Saturday, the “Random Monday” idea had really resonated with him for some reason, and he decided not to wait. The proposal went perfectly, and NN was completely surprised. When they got home, they called NN’s parents… in Moscow. They spoke to her elderly father, who was overjoyed with the news, and they all celebrated over the phone.

Less than 24 hours later, NN’s father passed away. We all stood at the counter together as the goosebumps and tears washed over us. So pleased that he had that last bit of joyous news, so comforted that he knew his beloved daughter was so happy, so very glad that MC had listened to his instincts.

Some Random Monday

Lots of people come up with elaborate proposal plans. Videotaped dance routines, international surprise travel, and public pronouncements can all make a big impression, but we are firm believers in the “Random Monday” approach recently taken by M.C.-

Any day you propose becomes special and magical, so there is great virtue in making an otherwise ordinary day into a celebratory one. After picking out a stunning Edwardian filigree ring with a large antique cushion cut diamond, MC decided that there was no time like the present. Rather than waiting for a “special occasion, he decided to make one. Since he and his sweetheart NN go for a long walk every Monday night, he suggested they walk in Portland’s tranquil and lovely Japanese Garden, and just like that, a random Monday became a monumentally happy one. Congratulations MC & NN, we wish you many years of daily celebrations!