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KD writes-
“Thank you for making my emotional loss into a wonderful experience at Maloy’s Jewelry. Everyone was kind and helpful. Also a special thanks to Eve and Lam. You both listened to me, and I’m more in love with this ring than the last.”
Thank YOU, KD, it is always a pleasure to bring a client’s vision to life. You were charming and communicative the whole way! Enjoy your beautiful ring!

Great great great

MB brought in a lovely antique diamond, and also a pretty antique platinum mounting. He asked us to set the stone into the mounting for his beloved ECB. Then he shared the stories of both components-
The diamond was picked up by his great, great, great grandfather, during a sailing race. As he rounded the horn, he stopped in South America and purchased the stone in a gold mounting. He then went on to win the race.
On the other side, ECB’s great, great grandmother had a platinum and diamond ring. The ring was passed down through the generations, and at some point, the stone was removed and re set in a new mounting.
This left a diamond in a worn out gold setting, and a platinum mounting that had no diamond. Of course his family’s stone fit perfectly into her family’s mounting, and thus, many generations on both sides made their contribution to the cause of new love!

Another love letter

Thank you, C.H. for this note letting us know what a hit your custom ring was-

“The ring was so stunning that I simply could not wait for my trip to share it with her. She is stunned with how perfect and gorgeous the ring turned out. I wanted to share with you her excitement and joy and thank you again for helping me create the perfect ring. I will more than definitely send everyone I know your way.”

Kind words

A lovely hand written note arrived from RM today- “I cannot thank you and the gang at Maloy’s enough for the splendid job you did with E’s white jade ring. It’s better than ever, and she loves it.”

Now more than ever, taking the time to share some kind words and show appreciation feels so important. We want to say thank you to all of our clients, for entrusting us with your special pieces. We do our best to treat them, and you, with TLC

quite a winter

We do our best to be here for you, but sometimes mother nature makes it hard.If the weather is dubious, please check our Facebook page, (which we can update remotely), for the latest news on closures. Of course, you can also call to double check! We hope everyone stays warm and toasty. We are already having visions of tulips…

A new year

Things of value are worth protecting. As we all focus on appreciating and preserving the things we most cherish, we want to put in a word for your jewelry too. Bring in family treasures that are getting too frail to withstand the rigors of wear, and let us provide a bit of well deserved restoration work on them so they can survive into the next generation.
All of our own antique jewelry has already been fully restored, so it is fortified to go forward into the future.
We wish everyone a peaceful new year, filled with sharing and receiving love.

Holidays are upon us!

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve both falling on weekends this year, we had to put on our thinking caps to figure out how best to balance the needs of our customers and some hard earned time off for our staff. We now have a plan.
OPEN A LITTLE Christmas Eve, only from 11 till 1:00pm
CLOSED Christmas day
CLOSED Monday 12/26
OPEN 12/27, 28 & 29
CLOSED Friday 12/30, Saturday 12/31 and Sunday 1/1
We hope these hours will give you a chance to spend time with us and with your family. We will do the same!

Fifth Generation

MW came into the shop today, bearing two tiny Victorian rings set with turquoise and pearls. We looked at them and determined that they probably dated from around 1880. M thought for a moment, and told us she was impressed with our dating skills. She shared that these precious little children’s rings had belonged to her grandmother, who was born in 1873. M had worn them as a child, but they had been left sitting in a drawer for many years until now. She brought them in for cleaning and a minor repair, and then she will be sending them to her young twin grand daughters, aged 7. These lucky young ladies will have the excitement of getting to wear the rings only for special occasions, just like their great-great grandmother did, over 125 years ago. We are continually honored to be able to participate in some small way with your jewelry stories, and thank MW for sharing hers.

Giving Thanks

As we head into Thanksgiving, we want to thank all of our clients for allowing us to be your “family jeweler”. We appreciate the trust you put in us to help you navigate the complex balance of sentimental and intrinsic value that is the world of antique jewelry. We will be closed Thursday, enjoying the holiday with our loved ones, but open to serve your jewelry needs (and those of any out of town visitors), both Friday and Saturday.


KE came in recently to discuss re-setting the emerald from a sentimental ring. The stone is especially precious to her, because it was a high school graduation present from her grandmother. Grandma FB wanted a special gift for K , but funds were tight, so F did what she did best. She baked. Hundreds of banana breads, and one huge bake sale later, she had enough money to purchase an emerald for K.

What makes this story even sweeter is that K is a now a professional baker herself, running a non-profit that brings fresh healthy baked goods to young people. Thank you K, for sharing your story and your baking!