Our highly experienced staff truly love what they do. Each staff member at Maloy’s is passionate about jewelry and passionate about doing business in the upfront, kind and respectful way Shan believed in when he first opened. We will do our best to insure that the process of reaching your jewelry goals will be an enjoyable, informative process. We value your business, and thank you for letting us be part of your jewelry story.

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Shan Maloy

Shan, our founder, opened the business in 1986. In addition to making his own jewelry, and buying and selling estate jewelry, he took in simple repairs, fabricated custom jewelry, and performed complex restoration jobs… all services we still happily offer. His good humor and honesty has built a company culture that feels like family. Shan is still here, up at the bench or out on the sales floor, most days. He is delighted to share his home with our loyal mascot Ned. You can read more about Shan and the early days of the business on our History page.


Eve grew up in NYC, got her degree from Parsons School of Design,and has had a toe, hand, or foot in the jewelry industry her whole life. She is the resident expert on Mexican, Danish, and mid century silver jewelry, as well as vintage costume jewelry. Once in Portland, (seduced by both the trees and her native born husband) she found Maloy’s and “let” Shan hire her back in 2003. She now wears many hats at Maloy’s, manager, ad copywriter, buyer, window designer, custom design, and sales. She loves every minute.


A familiar, friendly face to many long time clients, Margaret has been part of the Maloy’s family since 1997. She began her life of artistic expression by flinging pudding at her identical twin sister Mary, but now focuses more on carving detailed naturalistic waxes for some of our custom jobs, and putting the final touch on pieces as our master finisher. Margaret is also the fine artist who prepares renderings for our custom jobs. Want more art? Look for some of her lovely giclee prints adorning the wall of the shop


Originally hailing from upstate NY, Nina came to the Pacific Northwest to study animation and stayed for the mellow attitude and the weather. She soon found that her skills at building armatures for animation translated beautifully to the jewelry field. In 2010, a chance encounter in a yoga studio parking lot brought Nina to us. Nina loves helping couples enjoy the process of finding the right rings, remembering everyone’s name (and making the rest of us look bad), and getting to know our clients better.


A real Renaissance man, Gary keeps things humming along here at Maloy’s in countless ways. He has long been involved with the jewelry business, and you will find some of his custom work on the sales floor. You may also spot him at the computer sorting through bills and slaying paperwork dragons, or installing the stone inlay floor in our entryway. Gary is also an expert on birds, mushrooms, and building rustic furniture. Bonus points, his son is an actual rocket scientist!


Having grown up in Tucson, home of the country’s largest gem show, Jen was always fascinated by the sparklies. She studied at GIA and became a gemologist. She quickly recognized her love of vintage jewelry, and became a bit of a legend in our business. For several years, we heard of this lovely, charming, highly knowledgeable gemologist who was working in other, more glamorous places like Palm Beach and LA. When friends and love lured her to Portland in 2013, we were lucky enough to add her to our Maloy’s family.


Nicole connected with jewelry early in life, thanks to a Stephen King novel (don’t ask). After an apprenticeship, she struck out on her own and suddenly enjoyed going to work every day. She hasn’t looked back since. Here at Maloy’s, Nicole handles everything from simple repairs to complex custom jobs with skill and aplomb. Her custom work often combines strong architectural forms with more organic materials and textures, creating a beautiful contrast between the polished and the rustic.


We call Lam our “metal whisperer”, because he seems to be able to make platinum and gold do almost anything with ease. Lam started his jewelry studies back in Vietnam, when his father noticed he was good with his hands, and agreed to send him to jewelry school as a teenager. He has now been a jeweler here in the states for over 21 years, creating dazzling custom projects that artfully combine technical precision and meticulous detail.


A recent arrival from the Los Angeles area, Lenny moved to Portland to be closer to her grandmother and closer to the natural wonders (and seasons) of Portland. She just amazes us with her deep understanding of diamond cutting and gemstones, remarkable for someone of such a tender age! Back in LA, she worked with some of the best antique gem dealers around. As our tech savvy staff member, Lenny is also fluent in social media, so our Instagram will never be the same!


One of our staff gemologists, Cameron decided to focus on twinkly stones after years of focusing on twinkly toes as a professional ballerina in Houston, Memphis, and Florida. Once she got her GIA certification in 2004, she worked as a gemologist in Palm Beach for a while (crossing paths with Jen). Ultimately she decided to return home to the Portland area, where she joined the Maloy’s family in 2008.


Our fearless mascot Ned Ryerson Maloy joined the family in 2005. He is a scottie-poodle mix, aka a “scoodle”. As a guard dog, our Ned is about as fierce as he looks, but he still has a plumb job greeting clients, keeping our loveseat warm, and checking the break room floor for sandwich malfunctions. A shy and sensitive creature, Ned is not always very demonstrative in his affections, but he wants you to know that he loves you all.

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