“Just you wait”


We recently did a fair bit of restoration on a lovely Art Deco ring. The story behind the ring was so good we asked to share it. For generations, this ring has been passed from mother to daughter at the 21st birthday. Tragically, during a vacation in Spain, the ring slipped of a ledge into the sink, and down the drain! The hotel immediately called a plumber, but alas, the ring had slid past the trap, and was truly lost. All parties concerned felt horrible at the loss of such a sentimental heirloom.
Flash forward five full years to a phone call… from Spain. The hotel was undergoing a major restoration, including extensive re plumbing work. A worker discovered the ring deep in the pipes and turned it in. Someone in management remembered the story, tracked down the guests, and made a very happy call. ┬áThe the ring was returned, and after a bit of fine grooming and TLC, was ready to be admired again. Let’s all sing together now!- “Re-frain, in Spain, from pla-cing rings near the dra-in!”