So sweet it’s Spooky!


RK was ready to propose to her beloved, JC. JC was also ready to propose to her beloved, RK. They both, unbeknownst to the other, planned to pop the question on a one year anniversary trip to the pumpkin patch. While strolling through the field looking for their perfect pumpkin, JC mentioned to RK that she had already found her “perfect pumpkin”. Not missing a beat, RK got down on one knee, pulled a ring from her pocket, and asked JC to marry her. Not to be outdone, JC pulled a tiny pumpkin out of her own pocket. Written across the pumpkin were the quickly scrawled words ” only if you marry me”. There was a ring for RK on the stem.

By now, they were both crying in the pumpkin patch. The wedding is planned for March. Congratulations ladies.