On Roasts and Rashes


As the Thanksgiving season approaches, we want to share a truly useful tip.

Every year, right after the holiday, we are visited by a spate of clients, distressed that they seem to have suddenly developed allergies to their rings. Indeed, wedding bands and signet rings are removed, to reveal reddened tender skin.

It took us a while, but we are convinced – the cooking is the culprit! Think about it, if you are the cook, all day, and often for several days beforehand, your hands are in and out of the oven… pies, potatoes, checking the bird… your ring is heating up just like those hot pans you are juggling, and your finger is getting over cooked.

The moral of the story- take of your rings during the heavy holiday cooking! Not only will you save your rings from the wear and tear of hard kitchen labor, but you will save yourself the discomfort of contact burns. Besides, no one wants to get stuffing in their filigree, right?