We are Honored…


It must be June, because we just had a visit from LD and DD. Every year at this time, they come in, often with their cherubic little girl, and ask to see our selection of small fancy colored diamonds. D removed her wide white gold wedding band, and they sat together, considering it carefully.

The ring is sprinkled with several small twinkling stones in a range of shades. They are set in a pattern reminiscent of stars in the night sky. This year they chose a tiny pale green diamond, and asked us to place it into the array.

What we did not realize until this year however, is that D and L come into our shop each year on the day of their actual wedding anniversary, the process of choosing and placing each year’s diamond being a mindful collaborative event.

What an honor to play a part in this beautiful tradition! We wish D and L many more happy years together, and look forward to seeing their constellation grow.