An Especially Special Proposal Tale


When N.S. and J.W. went on their first real date (after being friends for almost 3 years), everyone knew right away that this was something special. They danced and cooked and laughed together, and they both positively glowed. When J. was ready to pop the question, he knew he would have his work cut out for him choosing the ring, because N. worked in a fine antique jewelry shop, and had excellent taste. One day, an unusual ring arrived at Maloy’s, and it caught N’s eye. She casually mentioned its interesting design to J, and he immediately contacted us to put the ring on “super secret” layaway.

Have you figured it out yet? Yes, this is the engagement tale of our very own beloved Nina!

Now, getting the ring off the sales floor without Nina noticing would be impossible, so we did the next best thing. We “sold” it to someone else (an old friend who was in on the plan), Right In Front of Nina! Her face clouded over as she realized this special ring would never be hers, and she went home a little mopey that night. Fortunately, Josh did not keep her waiting long. Within a week he picked up the ring, double boxed it (to camouflage the contents) and presented it to her after a romantic dinner out. At first glance, she thought the large box must contain earrings, but when she saw the smaller box nestled inside, she “got tunnel vision” and gasped in surprise. Seeing “her” ring inside took her breath away, but when Josh asked her “will you marry me?”, she easily managed to answer “of course!”

Congratulations Josh, great girl you have there! We wish you and Nina all the best!