Love on the Beach


KG and KS were visiting our fair city from a country to the north, when KG hatched a proposal plan. After sneakily picking up a ring his beloved had admired at Maloy’s, he suggested a trip to Cannon Beach. Alas, the tides were working against him… the romantic secluded spot he wanted to use was cut off by the surf. KS, oblivious to his intentions, suggested a spot down the beach that was thronged with tourists. KG hesitantly started off in that direction when he spotted a more private area, and steered her that way instead. It was windy on the beach, but they took a few romantic photos and admired the views. Just as KS started complaining that the gusts were making her cry, KG dropped to one knee. She was so shocked that he had to repeat the proposal! ¬†As you might guess, the happy tears then blended with the sand inspired ones.

We are honored to have been a part of this quintessential Oregon proposal tale, and wish KG and KS beautiful beach strolls together for many years to come.