our “featured” section


Have you visited our “featured” section lately? Here’s how it works…
-As new pieces arrive, we choose some of them to feature on the web. We try to get an interesting and diverse variety of rings up there, but by no means is the list complete! There is a lot more to choose from here in the shop
–We name all of our featured rings because it makes it easy to communicate about them, and because it’s fun! Names are inspired by the rings themselves. Every once in a while we post a picture and open the floor to name suggestions from all of you on our facebook page… also fun!
–When a ring sells, we mark it sold on the site, but leave it up for a few weeks, just so people can have one last look.
–You can always contact us to inquire about other pieces we may have, and once we narrow down what you are looking for, we can usually send you some pictures of things that might work for you.
–Because most folks searching online for antique jewelry seem to be looking for rings, and because we specialize in them, that is what we mostly post, but remember, we have lots of earrings, pendants and bracelets too… just drop us a line with inquiries.