making it last


J.F and her beloved knew they wanted a symbol of their relationship, so together they picked out a ring she adored, a stylized Art Deco style dome ring encrusted with tiny gems. Now, being that they were starving students at the time, the ring was made of silver, and the gems were glittering but fragile marcasites (a relative of iron pyrite popular during the 1920’s). Flash forward , and here we are 10 happy years later. J. felt ready for a diamond ring, but loved the style of her marcasite one so much that she was struggling to find anything that could compare. Then it dawned on her… what she really wanted was her same beloved ring, but made from more durable and precious materials. Well, our bench jewelers were happy to oblige, hand fabricating an exact copy of her silver and marcasite ring in platinum and tiny glittering diamonds. It was immediately familiar and comfortable on her hand, but with some extra sparkle, and J couldn’t be happier. I guess it goes to show that sometimes the thing you search for is something you already posses in a slightly different form.