2012 roundup


As we gear up to 2013, we want to take a moment to look back and share our top 10 interesting items and requests of 2012-

1. An adventurous client asked us to make her former engagement ring diamond into a belly button jewel
2. Someone asked if we could remove the prongs and hold their diamond in place with magnets
3. A client brought in a tie tack made from a gold tooth, unaltered in any way
4. We decorated scaffolding and a porta potty in front of the shop during construction
5. A client asked if we could turn her silver ring into gold, through and through
6. We repaired a Victorian, gold mounted, real hummingbird head pin. It had been a wedding party gift in 1895
7. A client asked us if we could bend an opal to fit the curve of his finger
8. We made a ring from a pearl a client had found in an oyster at a restaurant
9. We recreated a ring that had been lost almost 50 years ago from just a photograph
10. We had a proposal in the shop, and the groom asked our dog Ned to be the witness