Another reason to keep music in the schools


R and J first noticed each other their freshman year of high school, at choir practice. J thought R was far too popular to ever speak to him, and R thought J was too good looking to be interested in her. They each overcame their fear, and started dating. J was deeply smitten, and after a few months, informed R that he planned to marry her one day. This prompted R to break up with him… she was freaked out by how serious J was getting!

Eight years later, J had moved to LA and was pursuing a music career when R noticed a concert listing, and dropped J a little note congratulating him on his growing musical career.

Do I even need to continue? The little note turned into daily conversations, and then 10 months of a long distance relationship. J recently came back to Portland to help R prepare for her move down to LA. They came to Maloy’s and chose a lovely vintage diamond ring. His vision of their future is coming true, and to honor it, R carries a photo of their young teen selves on their very first date. They say they owe it all to choir practice!