The goodbye gift


One of our long time clients, M.P. just came in to pick up some repairs, and she told us this beautiful little story of jewelry lost and found.

MP had a simple pair of delicate gold hoop earrings. She wore them often, and left them on top of her dresser when not in use. She also had a beloved and playful cat. One day, the cat got up on the dresser and, being playful, knocked some things around. When MP came home, one of the hoop earrings was nowhere to be seen. Despite her searching, the earring stayed hidden. She forgave and enjoyed her lovable kitty for several more years, until eventually, quite recently, the cat finally succumbed to old age and passed away.

Within a few days, MP moved a small piece of furniture, and there was the other hoop earring, in plain sight. It was as if her cat was purring down, saying, “OK, you can have it back now”. Even though MP was in the shop looking at other earrings today, the hoops will now always have a special place in her heart, a smiling farewell gift from a playful pet.