A Proposal Tale


CF gave a lot of thought to how best to propose to his beloved, JD. His daydream scenarios often included all the ways things could go wrong, and that had him chuckling. Suddenly, it dawned on him- the perfect proposal plan. You see, CF is a cartoonist, and he quickly recognized that his imagined mishaps would make a great comic book. After choosing a lovely filigree mounting and having us set it with a fiery natural purple sapphire, CF put pen to paper.

The book chronicled various frustrating attempts at popping the question… A custom printed fortune cookie gets delivered to the wrong table at the Chinese restaurant. Wheat paste writing on a wall washes away in the rain. A proposal while skydiving is inaudible.

On the big day, he asked JD to meet him at their favorite comics shop, where a staff member in on the plan handed her the book, suggesting that she would like it. As the plot dawned on a breathless JD, CF stepped out from behind some shelves in time to get hugs, kisses, and an enthusiastic “yes”.

We wish them many happy chapters to come