The Case of the Canine Caper


J.G. recently came in and shared a remarkable story of perseverance and luck.

Every night, she takes off her wedding rings and leaves them on her nightstand. One morning she awoke to find they were not where they belonged. She checked all the likely spots to no avail, and then noticed her wedding band on the floor next to the nightstand. That pointed to just one suspect, the culprit could only be Wrigley, the family dog. Since she was rushing out the door to work, she quickly put her kids on the job of hunting for it. With a $5 reward at stake, the kids were very motivated. When she still hadn’t gotten good news by lunchtime, another thought occurred to J. What if Wrigley had actually swallowed the ring? A panicked call to the babysitter… had Wrigley been walked? Yes. Productive? Twice, in bags, into the trash, which had been picked up… uh oh.

Another anxious call, this time to the husband… is the ring insured? Then a desperate last idea. J. called the vet, and brought Wrigley in for a quick x-ray… alas, no luck.

At the end of the day, J found herself sobbing on the phone with her mom. Her beloved engagement ring seemed lost forever. While her mother tried to soothe her, a long shaft of late afternoon sun shone through the window. It shot across the living room floor and landed directly on something shiny deep under the coffee table. Yes, it was the ring. Wrigley had chewed on it pretty hard, mauling one of the prongs before deciding to spit it out, but there was still much rejoicing. J.G. brought it in to us and we were able to fully restore it.

Needless to say, the rings are now kept well out of the reach of the jewel thief pooch.