Location, location, location… plus romance


A.S. came in recently to pick up a freshly repaired jewel.  She was kind enough to share her exotic tale of the intersection of travel, love, adventure, and, well, immigration law. She and JK met on a two week tour of Egypt. They felt a spark, and shared a first kiss on a boat on the Nile. In an apparent quest to find an even MORE romantic moment than that, they took a  hot air balloon ride over ancient sites (sigh).  During that marvelous float, she knew she had “found the one”.

JK is Irish. After Egypt he visited A.S. in the States, met her parents, and knew. He moved to Vancouver BC, where the visa situation was favorable and the travel less difficult.

Now they are ready to take the next step. Since they have really spent very little time together in the same room, they are not ready to marry, so they pulled out their travel guides again and discovered that both could get work visas in New Zealand. Ever the adventurers, they are moving there for a year of discovery… of the place, each other, and their love. We wish them Bon Voyage!