The Jade


One of our clients came in last week with a ring that needed a bit of work. As we reviewed the piece, she shared the wonderful story that came with it…

Her mother was a Marine, working in Japan after WWII as a clerk documenting war crimes. It was difficult emotional work during a cold winter. While in Japan, she went to a local dentist to have some work done. The Dentist admired the new warm red wool coat that her mother had just sent her from the states, and realized that it would fit his ailing wife, who was at home, cold and sick amidst the post war chaos. He swallowed his pride and made a proposal. He asked this young woman if she could possibly see her way to trade the coat for a family heirloom of his, a piece of jade. The luminous green stone was of greater intrinsic value than the coat, but not as important as keeping his wife warm. The young woman needed the coat herself, but understood how hard it was for this man to make this request, and saw the pleading in his eyes. She agreed.

The jade, along with the story, has now been passed down to another generation. The current owner wishes she could somehow track down the descendants of the dentist, to share the story of their loving ancestor, but the names have been lost in time. She would be happy to trade the ring back to them for an old size 4 wool coat.