Spring cleaning


Today a woman came into the shop with a bracelet that looked just awful. The finish on the metal was dull, there was no patina in the recessed parts, the amethyst was frosty and abraded. She had recently inherited the bracelet from an aunt, and that aunt, alas, had gotten it into her head that the proper way to clean her jewelry was to mix some vinegar into hot water, and then boil the jewelry thoroughly.

We also had a client come in who had lost a small stone from her ring (she found it).  She was in the habit of cleaning dirt out from behind the stones in her ring with a straight pin.

Please don’t do that.

People are always amazed at how much a quick, complimentary trip to “Maloy’s Spa” improves their jewelry, so we thought we would share the home version of our cleaning technique. This will work for platinum, white and yellow gold, and silver. Diamonds, sapphires, and most semi precious stones. This is NOT appropriate for jewelry with pearls, opals, emeralds, rhinestones, or any jewelry with glue involved.

Add about 2 tablespoons of Mr. Clean (or any ammonia/ soap based kitchen cleaner without bleach) to about a half cup of hot tap water. Drop your ring(s) in and let them soak till the water gets cool, 15 or 20 minutes. Then scrub the ring outside and especially inside with a soft clean toothbrush. You want to massage away the dirt gently with the bristles, paying special attention to the backs of the stones. Rinse well, and blot dry on a smooth cloth (not a towel, which can snag and pull prongs.

Thats all! No need to waste money on jars of “jewelry cleaner” or ineffective home ultrasonic machines. Of course, do be sure to come in from time to time for the full spa treatment here at the store, but the home version is great for in between times!