That Magic Moment


P. wanted a fun way to pop the question to his beloved, J.  He had a great plan up his sleeve.  A good friend, who happens to be a magician, agreed to teach P. one of his tricks.   At a small gathering of friends, P. announced he would like to show off his new conjuring skills.  After covering a drinking glass in his hand with a napkin, (and with a great number of dramatic flourishes and secret tricks we cannot reveal here), he clapped his hands together. The glass had vanished!

The hard part, of course, is re-conjuring the glass from thin air.  After a few breathless moments of anticipation,  he claimed the glass was, amazingly, back in his hand.  He asked J. to remove the napkin… The big reveal?   A beautiful Art Deco engagement ring.

And thus begins a magical life together…