Sarah’s Ring


Working in an antique jewelry shop, sometimes you just know a ring is meant to to be with someone. Some weeks ago, a lovely young woman came into the shop. Since her fiance was away, she brought a “support team”, the groom’s parents and a sibling. We had a great time trying on lots of rings, and narrowing down the field. They really seemed to be enjoying the process of helping Sarah find the perfect ring. Then Sarah tried on “the one”. Really, it was quite obvious by the way her face lit up- everyone in the shop could see it. She asked me to snap a picture of the ring on her hand to send to her fiance.

For a few days it looked like it might not happen, but somehow that seemed just wrong- it was so clearly “Sarah’s Ring”.

Sure enough, within a few days, the fiance’s parents, still in Portland, came in on his instructions, to purchase the ring, so it could be on the finger it was destined for- Sarah’s.

Really, doesn’t this picture just say it all?