A Special Proposal Tale


Readers of this blog know that we love to report interesting engagement stories. One of our brides-to-be  was kind enough to write up her own story, so here it is, in her own words…  Thank you Emily, for sharing your unusual and beautiful proposal tale.


Here is our story.

I originally saw the ring in Maloy’s last summer when we stopped in to browse while waiting for my bicycle at The Bike Gallery.  I had thought of it many times since and although we had looked at and even tried on other more traditional rings, I knew this ring was “the one”.

About three weeks ago I called Maloy’s and spoke to Nina.  She sent me an email with a photo and you provided me with some historical details.

I found the ring in my jewelry dish I have at Aaron’s house early this afternoon.  He put the ring in the dish last night thinking I would find it when I took my rings off before retiring for the evening.  I did not.  I was planning to leave his house early in the morning today as I had the day off and much to accomplish. I decided to linger however.  As I was adding some personal items to my shelf, I saw a sparkling object in my dish, and it was my ring!  I was very excited but not sure what to do since Aaron was not home.

I came up with a plan.  I decided to go about my day but planned to be waiting for him when he arrived home.  As he walked through the door, I greeted him with a huge smile stating that I found this ring and assumed it was for me so I went ahead and put it on.  How lovely it looked.  Aaron walked toward me, bent down on one knee (can’t remember which one), gently grasped my hands and asked me to be his wife forever.  I replied a tearful “yes”!!

I had to call Nina and share the good news and thank her for her part in this.

Even though Aaron had not planned on me finding the ring while I was alone in his house, it was perfect.  I look at it now as I write this story.  I had a sense of its place within my life when I initially saw it; or shall I say when it caught my eye.  I know now that it was meant to be with us.

Thank you so very much,


Emily  & Aaron