The one that waited


V. was checking out our website even before R proposed. She noticed our “English Buttercup” ring and immediately fell in love with it. Her hunch about R’s intentions was spot on, and within a short time, R asked for her hand while they were on a motorcycle trip together. V was overjoyed and mentioned that buttercup might be “the” ring, but before they could come into the shop, their priorities shifted. R was in a motorcycle accident. All time, energy and finances were redirected towards healing. Several months passed. Without telling each other, they would each periodically check our website in secret to see if “buttercup” had sold, and were relieved each time to learn that she seemed to be waiting here for them. R is now sufficiently recovered (and sporting a cool mermaid handled walking stick). Today they came in, and after months of stalking buttercup online, R slipped the ring on V’s finger. All agree it’s even better than the picture, and so worth the wait. You will notice that buttercup is finally marked “sold” in our featured section.