Stealth shopping


E.C. came in to re visit a favorite ring in our shop. Her beloved, M, could not be with her, because he was stranded at home with a broken leg. While E. tried on assorted sparklies in the shop with Julie, our phone rang. Unbeknownst to E, the caller was M, (who had known where E was heading). He spoke in secret with staff member Nina, who gave him a blow by blow report as E looked around. Once E found just the right ring, and asked Julie to place it on hold so she could talk to M about it, M gave Nina the go-ahead to run it on his credit card. Imagine E’s shock and delight when Nina presented the ring to E, in a special box, and told her the ring was paid for! Smiles and squeals all around, and a wonderful homecoming to M. for sure.

A few days later, a sweet note arrived from E. “I can’t thank you enough for helping my boyfriend surprise me. Your kindness and understanding will always be remembered. Thanks again, you are great!

Moral of the story-
We are almost always happy to “play along” with a clever little plan you cook up… just give us a heads up. It is always an honor to be a part of your special story!