That Sinking Feeling- A Proposal Tale


R.P. and B.D. are avid surfers. After they came into Maloy’s and fell in love with the perfect ring, R had what seemed at the time, a brilliant and romantic plan. On their next surfing trip, he would attach the ring to the key clip on the shoulder of his wetsuit, then paddle out and propose in the waves. Let’s take a moment and think about that…

Fortunately, all those images you just imagined of ┬áthe ring slipping out of his gloved hand and being tossed for a moment on a wave before sinking to the bottom of the sea? R had those visions too. He instead proposed somewhat spontaneously at a dinner gathering. B says it was perfect, and that no, she does not plan to wear her delicate Victorian diamond ring while surfing – she wants to always keep it out of Poseidon’s grasp.