love amongst the vegetables – a proposal tale


A.H.H. and J.F.V. were on a lovely vacation in Italy. One day, while on a vineyard tour, they discovered a delightful little wild artichoke patch. It was so charming that J suggested they return the next day to shoot some photographs. So the next day found them frolicking in the artichokes, taking pictures and pointing out particularly pretty ones to each other. J. turned to A. and said “Ooh, here’s a special one for you”. He then proceeded to present her with a baby artichoke – one with a family heirloom engagement ring nestled in it.

A. says she was so surprised she fell down, but recovered quickly and said “yes”. She slipped the ring onto her pinky for the rest of the trip, (and brought it into Maloy’s for sizing as soon as she returned to the states).

On a final note, A. is a chef, and the one thing she knows for sure is that artichokes will figure prominently on the wedding menu.