Here at Maloy’s, we love the sparkle. We love the craftsmanship. We love the design, the history, the romance. What we do not love so much is the paperwork and the complex math.

To that end, we have a really simple layaway policy. Once you discover your perfect ring, put a deposit down on it. We prefer one third of the total, but can often be flexible if need be. Then all we ask is that you pay off the ring, at your own pace, within 3 months (we can sometimes be flexible with that too). No interest (less math) no fees, no reams of paperwork. Once the ring is paid for in full, you get to take it home. Simple.

As with all our rings, layaway rings include complimentary sizing and a full appraisal for your insurance. We try to make it easy to get just the right ring on your finger.