Tastes change


T.C. Was so happy with her engagement ring from us that she brought her friend, S.B. In to do a little preliminary shopping for her own ring. We helped S. narrow down our selection to her favorite style, and we were happily exploring different rings in that genre.

Suddenly S. pointed to a ring in the case that was quite flashy, and nothing like the other rings she had been looking at. S. explained that she had recently unearthed the diary she kept at the age of 12. In it, she had described the “fantasy wedding” her future self would have. The ring she pointed to in our case was strikingly similar to the picture she had pasted into her diary all those years ago.

Other fantasy options from her 12 year old self that her adult self will probably pass on- the fashion ideas. Options at the top of the list back then were
1) The tight bodice with extremely giant tulle skirt
2) The winter wedding with fur muffs (aka the Russian princess wedding)
3) The bikini wedding.