The Story-
Mrs. H, of Bend, was in town visiting her daughter. The day before heading back to Bend, they came into our shop with Mrs. H’s lovely platinum wedding set, which she had been unable to wear for many years because of arthritis. Since she was leaving town so soon, we arranged to ship the resized rings back to her once they were done.

Her daughter called us several days after we shipped the rings, saying that Mrs. H was in tears… we held our breath… had something gone wrong, had we not measured her finger accurately? No, the daughter explained… these were tears of absolute joy. The ring was more beautiful, she said, then it had been the day her husband gave it to her, and to once again have it on her hand meant the world to her.

The moral-
Yes, we can safely ship your jewelry to you (covered by our insurance till the moment you sign for it). Tears of joy optional.