Love from afar


Yes, you can avail yourself of our services even if you live out of town! C.W. moved from Portland to San Diego some years ago, but still sent us her beautiful antique eternity band when it needed some repair. Once it arrived, we got right back to her with a repair estimate, did the work, and shipped it back to her (covered by our insurance till the moment she signed for it!). This is what she wrote once she got it back…
“Got my ring today and you know what? It looks much better than when I bought it. I don’t recall if it was later in life for it or it was how I bought it, but the diamonds were always a little sunken in. And its shininess is dazzling. I have one beautiful hand. Maybe I should swing by for my 15th anni ring??? 🙂 Thank your worker bees. It actually meant more to me than I thought it would and I’m glad to have her back. cw