Finding the right place and the right time…


J.K. Had purchased an especially lovely ring from us, and was ready to pop the question. His intention was to do it quietly, during a weekend trip to San Francisco, at the posh Top of the Mark. Alas, when they arrived, it turned out to be “carnival week”, and the atmosphere was anything but private. J. then steered his girl to the clubby, cozy bar at their hotel, hoping for a more appropriate atmosphere. They sat near the end of the long bar, facing each other. J. was nervous. He gathered his courage, and was just beginning to speak to his beloved, S, when her jaw dropped to the floor, as did the jaws of most of the other patrons glancing toward him. While dozens of people stared aghast in his general direction, J. Panicked… Did he have something in his teeth? Were people reading his mind? Was this a dream? Finally, S. pointed directly over his shoulder, to the young woman seated just behind him. This inebriated young woman, in a misguided attempt to garner the attention of the attractive bartender, had hoisted her blouse, and was displaying her assets to him.

J. And S. fled the bar, and headed up to their room, where J. finally found the serenity and romance that had proved so elusive. He proposed. She said yes.