I simply cannot thank you enough for being so incredibly kind to me yesterday, Saturday, the 3rd of July. I came in about an hour before the store closed with my antique wedding ring that had a loose center diamond due to very small prongs that (as I later found out thanks to Maloy’s) had not been repaired or re-tipped, despite a promise from “Jeweler X”, where we purchased the ring, that they would be before we took the ring home. I had tried to take it earlier in the day to Jeweler X, where we had purchased it, but to my dismay the store was closed early (like four hours early!) with no explanation. I was heartbroken because we are having some pictures with my fiancee’s family taken today, and I hated the thought of not being able to wear my ring or having to worry the whole time about the center stone falling out. Well, I don’t have to worry any more! The moment I walked into your store I was greeted by a warm smile and hello, and the woman who helped me was genuine and very knowledgeable. I could not believe that the owner was willing to take the time out of his busy day (right before a holiday weekend, no less!) to not only look over my ring, but tighten the center stone and come down to talk to me about my ring. I think he even polished my ring! He didn’t even charge me for all the help he gave me. I just can’t say thank you enough, and I hope that you all know that you now have a very loyal customer who will be back time and time again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the Best,

Emily B.