K. loves to go hiking. M, due to fear of heights, not so much. Still, When K suggested a day trip up to Angel’s Rest, M agreed. As they ascended the mountain, the trail got more and more narrow, and the color began to drain from M’s face. K, recognizing that M was in distress, suggested turning off the trail into a little clearing. Little did she know M’s anxiety was caused not so much by the height, but by the fact that he was about to propose! Stepping away from the edge, and avoiding the view, M produced the ring from his pocket, a lovely vintage solitaire he had discovered a few weeks earlier at Maloy’s. They sat on the grass, and M slipped the ring onto K’s finger. It fit perfectly… on her pinky. (She wore it there happily for a few days, till they made it into the shop together to have it sized, a complimentary service on rings purchased here)

We are proud of M for making it to the top so he could take the plunge!