Stories from the Shop Floor


THE STORY – R.Z. Loved a ring. She came in months ago, to get a necklace repaired, spotted the Art Deco diamond ring in our case, and it was love at first sight. R. mentioned it to a friend, who wanted to see it too, so they came in together “to visit”. The friend ooh’d and ahh’d and so R. mentioned it to another friend, who wanted to check it out too. This went on for a few weeks, until the sad day that R. brought in a friend to visit “her” ring, only to find it GONE! Yes, there were a few tears.

THE TWIST – R. was one of the lucky ones. Unbeknownst to her, the ring had secretly been purchased by her fiance, (tipped off by friend #2), who held on to it for several more weeks before presenting it to a shocked and delighted, (and tearful), R.

THE MORAL – Come visit our rings as much as you like, but once you know a ring is “the one”, please put a deposit on it! Our vintage rings are one of a kind pieces. Once they go, they are gone, and until we perfect our time machine (we are working on it), we can’t travel back to 1925 to get you another one just like it.