Thanks for sharing!


2/26/10 The staff at Maloy’s wants to thank our clients for sharing their wonderful family jewelry stories! It is an honor to be included in the process of getting your precious heirlooms ready for another generation to enjoy.

THE ITEM- Today I worked with a woman who has a beautiful, heavy , 18k yellow gold chain. The chain dates from the Victorian era, and is almost 6 feet long.

THE STORY- This woman’s grandmother hid this extraordinary chain in her clothing when she immigrated to the United States from Greece around 1910. She was traveling with her two small children, and brought the chain as an “insurance policy”, thinking she could use it in an emergency as a bribe to secure safe passage. Happily, it was not needed, and all arrived safely, with the chain still hidden in her bodice.

THE NEXT CHAPTER – “The Chain” is now being divided into a number of shorter necklaces and bracelets, so that each of this brave woman’s descendants can have their own piece of this wonderful family story.