Stories from the Shop Floor: 2/15/10


2/15/10 A first today at Maloy’s!  A young woman came in a bit distraught.
It seems her boyfriend had proposed to her the night before, and in her
excitement and determination, she somehow managed to get the ring on her
finger, despite the fact that it was far too small.  Now it was hopelessly
stuck.  All of our best ring removal tricks were tried in vain.  We actually
wound up having to cut the ring off her finger less than 24 hours after she
first put it on.  Several morals story-  1) balance your enthusiasm to wear
your ring with a bit of common sense.  2) Windex is best for lubricating a
ring stuck on your hand.  3) If all else fails, Maloy’s can usually cut your
ring off quickly and painlessly… And then resize it correctly for you.