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Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop , offering exceptional quality antique and estate jewelry and expert restoration and repair. We also offer complete custom design and build services, with all work done on site. A family owned business in downtown Portland for over 30 years. Go to our collections section to view a sampling of our current offerings. Of course, you can always contact us for more information, or to inquire about something you are searching for, or a special project you have in mind. Thank you for your interest in Maloy’s, we look forward to working with you!


Last call summer! (hours alert)

Well, this lovely summer passed like a dream… a quick dream! In order to squeeze the last drops from it, we will be CLOSED LABOR DAY WEEKEND (Saturday, Sunday AND Monday). Our staff will be out enjoying the sweetness of the season, and we hope you all can do likewise. Apologies for any inconvenience.

And the “Couple of the Day Award” goes to…

DW &GM! They came in today looking for an engagement ring, and both were completely charming and sweet. She told us that he was the guy she didn’t think existed, and when she spotted a heart detail on a ring she was considering, and mentioned she didn’t want a heart, he came back with “You don’t need to have a heart, because you already have mine”… Awww…

They eventually settled on a platinum Art Deco panel top mounting that is the perfect shape and scale for her hand, and we are setting a dreamy pale green sapphire into the center of it. We wish these delightful lovebirds many happy years together!

Hot weather sizing

As we enter the dog days of summer, we’d like to share some thoughts on… puffiness. Heat, travel, salt intake, refreshing beverage consumption… all of these things can suddenly have you thinking that you need to adjust the size of your rings. Please resist. Chances are, that come the cooler weather, you will be back paying for another adjustment back to the original size. Instead, consider these coping mechanisms.

1) Take your rings off when you sleep- We always recommend this, to save wear and tear, but it is especially helpful during the summer months. Fingers swell and shrink during the night, and it is best to leave them unimpeded by rings.Sleeping in your rings can actually make night swelling worse.

2)Choose narrower rings for summer wear- The wider a ring is, the more flesh it compresses, so the snugger it feels. Narrow rings let you finger breathe and feel lighter.

3) Time repairs carefully- Even if you know a ring needs resizing, it’s a good idea not to come in during a hot spell to have your finger measured. Wait for a cooler day.

4) If a ring gets stuck, try Windex- Better than butter, lotion, soap or spit, Windex breaks the surface tension, and can work miracles. We use it frequently here in the shop, and people are amazed.


The expert craftspeople at Maloy’s can restore {almost} any damaged or abused piece… More


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Maloy’s opened its doors in 1986 and is dedicated to preserving and selling finely crafted jewelry from the Edwardian to modern periods… More


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