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Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop , offering exceptional quality antique and estate jewelry and expert restoration and repair. We also offer complete custom design and build services, with all work done on site. A family owned business in downtown Portland for over 25 years. Go to our featured section to view a sampling of our current collections. Of course, you can always contact us for more information, or to inquire about something you are searching for, or a special project you have in mind. Thank you for your interest in Maloy’s, we look forward to working with you!


sometimes it’s easy

M’s engagement ring is a delightful Art Deco 2 tone beauty with angular detail, so when M and B came in looking for wedding bands for him, they were immediately drawn to an unusual 2 tone Deco men’s band that had sculptural angular detail as well. They both loved the design, so B tried it on. It was a perfect fit. Then they looked inside, to discover vintage engraving from the original owner. It was engraved “Wild Ride”, and was signed with love from…”M”. Perfect design, perfect fit, and then perfect engraving calling from the past? They had clearly found B’s band. Done and done. It’s always lovely when the universe just puts the perfect ring right in your path.

Holiday Hours

My goodness, what a glorious summer! Alas, also a fast one (do they keep getting shorter?) The Maloy’s crew is goin’ fishin’ before the rains set in. We will be CLOSED SATURDAY, SUNDAY (as always), and MONDAY for the holiday weekend. Enjoy yours, see you Tuesday.

an odd time to play dress up

We recently purchased a ring that needs a great deal of restoration. The under gallery was cracked and sharp in several places, the stone was loose, and the shank was far from round. The gentleman who sold it told us an unusual tale… He inherited the ring from his grandmother, N, who had inherited it from her aunt, (who never wore it). For some reason, N decided that she would only wear this rather lovely diamond ring while… wait for it…housecleaning! Yes, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, and all the other activities that we basically counsel people NOT to wear their jewelry through. No, the seller had no idea why she made this odd choice. Perhaps she hated housecleaning so much that she wanted to add some sparkle to the drudgery.

Fortunately, we will be able to repair the cracks, polish the chips out of the diamond, and restore the ring for a new generation. We hope the eventual new owner of this beautiful Edwardian ring takes it off during heavy housework, looking instead to shiny chrome fixtures for sparkle while cleaning.


The expert craftspeople at Maloy’s can restore {almost} any damaged or abused piece… More


We specialize in antique and estate jewelry and we’re ready to find the perfect piece to match your sense of style… More

About Us

Maloy’s opened its doors in 1986 and is dedicated to preserving and selling finely crafted jewelry from the Edwardian to modern periods… More


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