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Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop , offering exceptional quality antique and estate jewelry and expert restoration and repair. We also offer complete custom design and build services, with all work done on site. A family owned business in downtown Portland for over 30 years. Go to our collections section to view a sampling of our current offerings. Of course, you can always contact us for more information, or to inquire about something you are searching for, or a special project you have in mind. Thank you for your interest in Maloy’s, we look forward to working with you!


Two to tango

S.C. Was born on the 2nd of July. As a child, much to his delight, he was given a $2 bill on his birthday. It became a bit of a tradition, and even as an adult, all of S’s friends knew that he collected $2  bills. He even got a tattoo of a $2 on his forearm. Somewhere along the line, he decided he should earmark this stash for something special, so he decided that one day, when he met the right person, he would put it toward an engagement ring. Enter the beguiling BF. The right person for sure. SC picked out a beautiful simple antique diamond ring, and then the big moment came. He pulled a thick stack of $2 bills from his jacket and set them on the counter. There were hundreds of them, collected over many years. He shared the story, and we were all happy that the bills were finally fulfilling their destiny. We wish many joyful years to SC and BF, and thank them for letting Maloy’s be part of this completely charming and delightful tale!

Lost and Found

We have heard some great stories during our 30 years in business. Today, we share some of the crazy places clients actually found jewelry or stones they thought they had lost forever. While this is a humorous list, it’s only funny till it happens to you. please remember to have your rings checked, stones tightened, and size adjusted as needed!

—Diamond stud earring in the fallen autumn leaves of Irvington, while jogging
—Heirloom diamond watch in a sidewalk crack downtown after retracing steps
—Loose engagement diamond in the bottom of a bin of onions at a Fred Meyer
—Ring, in the driveway, after running over it twice (once backing out, and once pulling back in to look for the dropped ring)
—Loose engagement diamond on a tennis court, the following day
—Loose sapphire in a pile of floor sweepings at a Safeway (after a psychic friend gave her a tip)
—Favorite earring tucked behind a cutting board in the kitchen, but only after going through the garbage- twice.
And finally,
—Diamond ring in the cuff of the pants she had worn all day while searching tearfully for the ring

Last call summer! (hours alert)

Well, this lovely summer passed like a dream… a quick dream! In order to squeeze the last drops from it, we will be CLOSED LABOR DAY WEEKEND (Saturday, Sunday AND Monday). Our staff will be out enjoying the sweetness of the season, and we hope you all can do likewise. Apologies for any inconvenience.


The expert craftspeople at Maloy’s can restore {almost} any damaged or abused piece… More


We specialize in antique and estate jewelry and we’re ready to find the perfect piece to match your sense of style… More

About Us

Maloy’s opened its doors in 1986 and is dedicated to preserving and selling finely crafted jewelry from the Edwardian to modern periods… More


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