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Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop , offering exceptional quality antique and estate jewelry and expert restoration and repair. We also offer complete custom design and build services, with all work done on site. A family owned business in downtown Portland for over 25 years. Go to our featured section to view a sampling of our current collections. Of course, you can always contact us for more information, or to inquire about something you are searching for, or a special project you have in mind. Thank you for your interest in Maloy’s, we look forward to working with you!


Fear Not!

Several people have arrived at the shop recently, confessing that they felt a moment of panic upon seeing a papered over window in the middle of our block. Fear not! We are here for you, (and have absolutely no plans to move) We are just happily witnessing the expansion of our good neighbor Momo’s Bar, into the vacant space next door. Try them sometime for a nice gin and tonic and a jovial trivia night.

Safety First

We are in the midst of helping a client through a heartbreaking theft, and we want to take this moment to share some thoughts that might help keep others out of her unhappy predicament. The client was woefully underinsured for the loss.

We sometimes get calls from clients after a loss, asking for an appraisal for their insurance companies. Here is an important fact that some people seem unaware of – You have to have appraisals in place with your insurer well BEFORE a loss in order to be covered for high value items! Most homeowner policies have an “umbrella” for your jewelry, often with an upper total limit of $2500. Any coverage beyond that needs a “rider” and an appraisal for high value items.

Please check with your insurance agent for the details of your own policy. If you need insurance appraisals prepared, our GIA certified gemologist appraisers are happy to prepare them for you!

The arrow (finally) finds its mark

J.E. came into Maloy’s about two years ago, after a ring on our website caught his eye. The ring featured tiny sculpted cupids on each side, each of them drawing back a bow to shoot their little arrows of love. We had named the ring “The Archer”. Just recently, He came in again, finally ready to have the ring sized. It turns out that when he came in and bought the perfect ring? He had not yet even met the perfect girl! But J.E. is an archer himself, and he knew that any girl that would love him, would love the archer ring too.

So now, two years later, JE has found KAW, and it is true… She loves BOTH of her Archers!


The expert craftspeople at Maloy’s can restore {almost} any damaged or abused piece… More


We specialize in antique and estate jewelry and we’re ready to find the perfect piece to match your sense of style… More

About Us

Maloy’s opened its doors in 1986 and is dedicated to preserving and selling finely crafted jewelry from the Edwardian to modern periods… More


Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop

Monday through Friday:
10:00am – 5:30pm

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717 SW 10th Ave.
Portland, Oregon

Phone: (503) 223-4720