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Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop , offering exceptional quality antique and estate jewelry and expert restoration and repair. We also offer complete custom design and build services, with all work done on site. A family owned business in downtown Portland for over 30 years. Go to our collections section to view a sampling of our current offerings. Of course, you can always contact us for more information, or to inquire about something you are searching for, or a special project you have in mind. Thank you for your interest in Maloy’s, we look forward to working with you!


Spring Holidays

Lots of ups and downs in the weather… must be spring in Oregon! Just a heads up that we will be CLOSED MONDAY MAY 30th for Memorial Day.

If you are planning ahead for a trip to Portland, please also note that the Grand Floral Parade passes right in front of our door in a few weeks, so we will also be CLOSED SATURDAY JUNE 11th. Thanks for your understanding!

A new service- “Time Machine”

We are delighted to offer a new service here at Maloy’s. We call it “Time Machine”. If you have a fragile treasure that is too far gone to durably repair, a visit to our Time Machine might be just the right thing. Time Machine is a historically accurate jewelry rebuilding service, with all work done by hand, right on site. Using our extensive understanding of antique jewelry, we can rebuild your piece. We will recreate the lost detail and structure, using the original stones, but fresh new metal. Gone will be the old damage, decades of wear, and vintage solder repair. The result will be a hand made recreation of your ring, looking as beautiful and sturdy as when great grandma first slipped it on her hand 100 years ago.

You can learn more about this process, and view a gallery of recent projects over in the services section of this website. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to wear a cherished heirloom with confidence again.

Jewelry Box Spring Cleaning!

Ah, the sense of satisfaction to be had by a good spring cleaning session! All is light and lovely and useful once again.

The same process can work magic in your jewelry box. If looking into your jewelry box does not inspire you, perhaps it is time to make some changes. Spread everything out and take a good look at it, then start making some piles…

Pile #1, the beloved but bedraggled- Bring these items into Maloy’s for cleaning and inspection. A few minutes of complimentary “spa” will work wonders. We will then check for weak links, loose stones, worn prongs, and all those things that can lead to bigger problems down the road. If those problems have already occurred, we can likely fix that too, replacing missing stones, rebuilding damaged filigree, rebuilding a worn shank.

Pile #2, the just plain wrong- This is where the broken gold chains, single earrings, awkward 80’s necklaces, crushed bangle bracelets, and even those creepy gold teeth in a pill bottle from your aunt go. Let’s turn this pile into money to sponsor some of your other projects.

Pile #3, the not quite there- Perfectly lovely little diamonds… set in a corporate lapel pin from your great uncle. The awkward ring you never wear that has a beautiful sapphire in it. The beautiful antique earring you lost the mate to. Grandma’s tiny ladies diamond watch with the face too small to read… This is the fun pile! Let us help you think creatively about these things, we can turn them into your new favorites. How about a pair of dangly diamond earrings made by harvesting the sides of grandma’s watch? Or a redesigned ring with that sapphire and the lapel pin diamonds? The single earring, carefully converted to your new favorite pendant. We can truly work wonders with the things you already own.


The expert craftspeople at Maloy’s can restore {almost} any damaged or abused piece… More


We specialize in antique and estate jewelry and we’re ready to find the perfect piece to match your sense of style… More

About Us

Maloy’s opened its doors in 1986 and is dedicated to preserving and selling finely crafted jewelry from the Edwardian to modern periods… More


Maloy’s Jewelry Workshop

Monday through Friday:
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717 SW 10th Ave.
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